Cavs Almost Shock the World


I suppose I need to apologize to the Cavs. A few after basically saying the didn’t stand a snow ball’s chance in hell of beating the Heat, what do they do but go out and almost beat the Heat. Unbelievable. Apparently the power of the reverse jinx is only so powerful though. Even though the Cavs held a 27 point lead in the second half, they just couldn’t figure out a way to get it done.

Give the Heat credit. They could have very easily laid down and died last night once things looked like they had gotten out of hand. LeBron was having on of his worst games of the year, they had no way of stopping Tristan Thompson, and the emotions in the building were overflowing.

So much so that a fan ran out onto the court wearing a shirt that said “we miss you! 2014 Come back”… nah, we don’t look desperate at all.

In the end, the Heat did what the Heat do. The cranked up their lockdown defense, scored on 15 straight possessions, and sucked all of the life out of the arena. All the while Lebron drilled shots, dished out asists, and grabbed boards on his way to a triple double. So much for one of his worst games of the season.


The defining moment of the game occurred when Lebron drilled a three from the left wing and then stood and just glared at the crowd. He basked in his accomplishment and soaked in the moment. It was the turning point in the game and the Cavs stood no real chance after that. Sure they made a game of it, but as the waning seconds ticked away it became painfully obvious just how much the missed Kyrie Irving and, to a lesser extent, Dion Waiters. No one on the floor had the ability to create their own shot. In the end it was the Cavs downfall.

Had either Irving or Waiters been available last night, maybe that game turns out different. Maybe tye Cavs have the fire power and the weapons to get them throw the cold stretches and could have kept the Heat from digging ojt of their 27 point hole. Alas, we’ll never know for sure and when the Heat returns to the Q later this season both might still be out. Wonderful.

With that said, the players on the floor last night did show their value, even despite the meltdown. Tristan Thompson was especially impressive early on and the rest of the roster proved that it is not as devoid of talent as it was earlier in the year. All of this is a positive sign moving forward.

All things considered, though…

Is it summer 2014 yet?


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