Can Anyone Turn Down the Heat?


The Miami Heat are absolutely on fire. After last night’s dramatic win in Boston that saw them outlast a 43 point outburst from Jeff Green, the Heat have successfully rattled off 23 straight wins. The streak is officially the second longest in the history of the NBA and has firmly established the Heat as the premier title contender in the league.

This streak, which has seen both LeBron James and Dwyane Wade elevate their games to another level, has left all of us wondering not just if anyone can end it, but does anyone stand a chance against them in the playoffs? Honestly… I don’t think anyone does.

Listen, I’ve made no secret of my disdain for LeBron and the Heat. I hate the way they came together. I hate the way they’ve turned basketball into a soap opera. Mostly though, I hate that as a Cleveland fan I feel like I was bamboozled by the whole thing. With that said, this has been incredible. I might hate LeBron, but I can’t not appreciate what he’s doing. It’s out of this world. The man is not human.

The reason though this run of dominance is so impressive though is because of the style of play the Heat have adopted in order to make it possible. They’re playing team basketball and relying on things they can control in order to dominate a game. In other words, they’re busting their asses on the defensive end of the court and shutting teams down.

During this 23 game winning streak the Heat have outscored their opponents by a total of 259 points, good enough for an average margin of victory of 11.26 points per game. They’ve blown two teams out by more than 20 points (Clippers by 22 and 76ers by 24) and a third team (Bulls) by 19 points. Their two closest margins of victory have been 1 and 2 points against the Magic on March 6, and last night versus the Celtics, respectively.

For the record, this is supposed to be the NBA and not a CYO rec league.

If the Heat can keep up this level of intensity no one is going to be able to stop them come May and June in the playoffs. Yes, they will eventually run into a team on a bad night and take a bad loss to halt their current run, but no one can beat them in a best of seven. It’s not going to happen. Not unless LeBron has an unfortunate run in with one of Tonya Harding’s body guards in a back alley somewhere.

The best part is that isn’t an exaggeration. The only way the Heat don’t win the Finals is if LeBron gets hurt. Based on his injury history (or lack there off) and the fact that the man is built like a bull moose, it seems more likely that I’ll be drafted #1 in the draft than him getting hurt. Basically, there is no way of stopping the inevitable from happening.

The Heat are going to win the title.

I’ve come to terms with it, or at least as best I can given the circumstances. I’m not goinv to live in denial or pretend like this isn’t going to happen anymore. The Heat are for real and they’re finally playing to the full potential that was envisioned when they came together. No, I’m not going to root for them, but I’m not voinv to root against it as vehemently as I have in the past. I’m going to take it for what it is and appreciate it. We may never see anytjinv like this ever again.

Now, where did I put that voo doo doll?


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