An Honest Review of the Big Ten Realignment

What in the name of Art Schlichter’s latest felony arrest is going on?

The Big Ten, for reasons that can only be deemed as completely and utterly insane, has decided that it needs to expand… again.

Yes, you read that right. The Big Ten, which doesn’t even have ten teams anymore, felt it necessary to shake up college football’s landscape yet again by adding two more schools to the fold. This time, the targets of their bass ackwards manifest destiny were Maryland and Rutgers. You know, because nothing says Midwest football like blue crab and Jersey accents.

For those of you keeping score at home, that bumps the Big Ten up to a fourteen team league and further weakens the conferences that it once considered rivals. The best part of the whole thing is how administrators for the Big Ten and the schools involved can’t even hide the fact that this entire shake up is about money. Rutgers makes more money, Maryland makes more money, and the Big Ten expands the Big Ten network and you guessed it… makes more money. Meanwhile, the credibility of college football takes another hit as the ridiculousness of how conferences are being setup took yet another comical kick to the nut sack.

Honestly, why does anyone even care at this point? College football is a joke. Tradition has been completely disregarded and thrown out the window in exchange for money and “increased conference credibility.” But, I guess that’s what happens when you institute a system that is reliant on computer points and the conference you belong to rather than what you actually can and can’t do on the field of play. Teams like TCU, Boise State, and the like have had no choice but to abandon smaller conferences for larger ones. Meanwhile, larger schools have been forced to realign with the promise of multi-million dollar tv contracts waiting in the wings.

Again, this whole thing is a joke. College athletics are technically an amateur and extracurricular activity. The universities and everyone involved is making millions of dollars while we continue to bank roll their vacations and bowl game prize packages… unless you’re a player. Then you don’t get jack $hit.

The only thing more ridiculous than Maryland being in the Big Ten is their uniforms… yeesh!

I haven’t watched a single down of college football this year and honestly, I haven’t missed it at all. It’s freed up my Saturdays, allowed me to better concentrate on the NFL, and I’ve actually gotten things accomplished on the weekend. Yes, I’ll still watch OSU-Michigan this weekend out of tradition, but once it’s over my level of caring will go back to non-existent. I’m glad too. This way I won’t have to subject myself to the begging and pleading of middle-aged men to voters and a poll system that is about as real and important as the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny combined. You know, because heaven forbid we have a playoff system where the teams play this crap out and figure it out on the field. We can’t have that. No, no sir… there’s more money to be made this way.

So now that Maryland and Rutgers are a part of the Big Ten+4, who’s next? Colorado St.? Grambling? UC Santa Barbara? Would you really put it past anyone? I sure as hell wouldn’t. Why stop with the continental United States? Why not have Hawaii join the Big Ten? I’m sure their athletic program could use the extra bajillion dollars that the Big Ten Network would be able to provide them. Who cares about the toll it would pay on the athletes forced to travel to and from Hawaii on a constant basis? The whole system is a joke and sadly, it’s what I’ve come to expect from college football in the year 2013.



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