Hurricane Isaac: The Weekend Before

Crap… Where are my floaties?

In case any of you live under a rock or just don’t pay attention to the news very much, there’s a hurricane headed straight for the good ol US of A. To be more specific, this hurricane is headed straight for the gulf coast and is expected to make landfall directly on the city of New Orleans.

This is noteworthy for two reasons. First off all, this storm is following pretty much the exact same path as Hurricane Katrina and is expected to make landfall on the exact same day. Secondly, I live in the New Orleans area so that means it is officially time to freak the eff out. A hurricane? Are you kidding me? I watched the coverage of Hurricane Katrina seven years ago so I understand exactly what that means for this part of the country. What the hell Mother Nature!?!? What. The. Hell.

Naturally, leading up to this there were questions about whether or not we were going to have to worry about Isaac or not. At first it looked like it was headed for Florida, so it looked like we were in the clear. The most we were going to have to worry about was a bit of rain and maybe some elevated water levels. No biggie. That was on Wednesday or Thursday of last week.

Then it started moving west… and then a little further west… and then, well I believe this picture tells you everything you need to know.

Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuudge… only I didn’t say fudge…

Yup, right around sometime Friday afternoon we knew we were boned. That meant it was officially time to prepare. What “prepare” meant we weren’t entirely sure. We’ve never done this crap before. Me and the Yankee Loving Fiancee headed to the store on Saturday for supplies and we bought everything you’d think you would need. Batteries, lot’s of water, and non-perishable foods, aka junk food. If one thing’s for certain, if and when we survive this we’ll both have gained a good 20 lbs. All there is to do is eat and we’re not talking about regular sitting around on your ass and eating because you’re bored eating. This is sitting around eating because you’re bored AND stressed eating. That’s a bad combo. Speaking of Combos, we didn’t by any. It may be my biggest regret of this whole thing so far.

The good thing though is people are taking this thing seriously. Or at least as serious as someone can take a potential category 2 hurricane. As for us, we went to a pool party on Sunday. Meanwhile, The Yankee Loving Fiancee’s uncle took these pictures Sunday when he went to the grocery store. He probably should have planned a little better.

Bottled water aisle, or rather what was left of the bottled water aisle
Bread and water, the breakfast, lunch, and dinner of hurricane champions

That’s all well and good, but the true sign that the people of New Orleans are taking this storm more seriously than storms of years past one needed to look no further than a few aisles over. You see, the people of New Orleans are always looking for a reason to party. Football, Mardi Gras, birthdays… you name it, they’ll throw a party for it. The one thing they love partying for? Hurricanes. They love bragging about hurricane parties and what they were doing for this storm and what they did for that storm. Katrina changed the game though, one look at the beer aisle is proof enough.

The beer aisle is untouched… Are you people feeling ok?

It’s completely untouched. Not a single 12 or 24 pack is out of place. This must be serious. Of course nothing made things as serious as what The Weather Channel decided to do on Sunday night. It was a cold and calculated moved designed at captivating the nation and snagging mega ratings all at the same time. That’s right, with the path of Isaac headed straight for New Orleans they did the one thing you never want to have happen. They sent this man to report from New Orleans…

Jim Cantore: The Harbinger of Doom, Death, and Destruction

Jim Cantore!?!? Are you effing kidding me!?!? Don’t get me wrong, I loves me some Jim Cantore, but I don’t want him anywhere near a 300 mile radius of where I am with a storm barreling down on me. He goes where the worst conditions are going to be. He goes to where there is going to be complete destruction and ¬†devastation. Now he’s here for Hurricane Isaac? Great… We’re boned.

Knowing this, we knew we couldn’t trust anything any meteorologist had to say in regards to this storm. The Weather Channel wasn’t going to send Jim Cantore to us for a little bit of wind and rain. No matter what they had to say, this shit is going to be bad. That left me and the Yankee Loving Fiancee with a very critical decision to make. Do we stay, or do we go? We had time to decide. The storm wasn’t supposed to make landfall until sometime late Tuesday or early Wednesday so it didn’t have to be right then and there. For others on Facebook and Twitter, Jim Canotre was reason enough to leave. I can’t really blame them.

As for us though, we still had work on Monday so we figured we could wait until after then to make our final decision. So, with that in mind we went to bed Sunday night not quite sure what to expect come Monday morning and not entirely sure what it is we should be doing as this thing gets closer to making landfall. We’re from Ohio after all, we don’t do hurricanes.

So stay tuned… there’s sure to be more to come.


One thought on “Hurricane Isaac: The Weekend Before

  1. There is only one step to Hurricane preparation: Don’t be one of the idiots who stays behind to see what happens!
    Had everyone followed that simple, easy to follow advice, the death toll of Katrina would have been ZERO. You can’t die in a hurricane unless you stay behind and allow it to happen.
    As Mr Miyagi said: “Best defense, no be there!”

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