Chris Perez and the Art of What Not to Do

Let me first start off by saying that I like Chris Perez. I feel like he’s one of the Indians who actually gives a legitimate crap and wants to play well for the city he represents across the front of his uniform. I also like his personality and in your face attitude. It makes him not boring. Unfortunately that hot-headed, in your face attitude got him in trouble on Sunday in Oakland.

Prior to their game against the A’s, a fan who had apparently been heckling Perez for four years finally got under his skin and he reacted… badly. And of course, as is the case with everything nowadays, the whole incident was caught on camera and slapped up on YouTube for the entire world to see. Now the internets, googles, and twitters are abuzz with opinions about how Perez looks like your typical entitled athlete. You can watch it here.

If you’ve seen it, it’s easy to agree with that sentiment. Perez looks bad. He throws fuel on the fire of a situation that he should have just let go. What good was going over to the stands really going to do? Was he going to throw down? With the way the Indians are rolling right now they probably couldn’t even win fist fight. Of course, that probably helps explain some of the reason why Perez reacted the way he did. The Indians flat-out suck right now and everyone knows it. The weeks of frustration obviously overflowed and Perez went off.

And boy did he ever. Here’s the running tally of every club he took out of his bag of tricks so to speak.

  • Eff this! Eff that! Eff you and the mother effin’ horse you rode in one! (He swears… a lot)
  • I don’t care! Who cares! (In response to being told they’re behind the A’s in the standings)
  • How much is my salary this year! How much do I make! (Stay classy)
  • How many all-star games have I made! (Two… and one you didn’t play in soooooo…. ya)
  • Take the dick out of you mouth! (HOME RUN!)

It was a well-played verbal assault by Perez in that he said about every wrong thing you could possibly say. For the record he cussed up a storm (not that I care, but I’m sure parents do), he doesn’t care about the standings, he brought up his wealth and accolades, and then knocked it out of the park with a kinda sorta maybe homosexual reference… Wowza. I do however feel like he could have accomplished just as much in a smaller amount of time had he just combined #3 and #4 into the “Do you know who I am card?”

So ya, we should probably expect Perez to get suspended any day now for his latest dust-up with fans. At least this time it wasn’t with Cleveland so I guess that’s a positive. Other than that, this was pretty bad. He would have been better off just ignoring the guy or telling him to shut up and leave it at that.


That doesn’t mean he’s 100% to blame for what happened. Can someone please explain to me the point of berating someone to the point that you get them into a screaming match with you? I enjoy heckling and all, but not to this extent. On a day-to-day basis I generally try to avoid any and all confrontations that might result in me getting my face beat in so i don’t get this at all.

That begs question to the Oakland fans in the video, what the hell is your problem?

Which is exactly the question that should be asked. What did they say leading up to this that set Perez off? It’s clear that words had been exchanged prior to the confrontation because he said he “came down here just like you asked!” How do we know what went on before the filming started wasn’t worse than what Perez said? That can’t be overlooked here. These “fans” obviously aren’t the brightest bunch considering they misspelled the word professional in the original upload as “profesianal.” They also have a mad case of vertical video syndrome… learn how to use a god damn smart phone… geeze.

Whatever happened to just sitting down, shutting up, and enjoying the game? Why the need to feel like you personally have to do something to help the team? You’re not helping. All you’re doing is making yourself look like a jackass and ruining the experience for everyone else around you. You’re not cool Billy Bad Ass… you’re a moron.


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