Trade Deadline Comes and Goes; INDIANS GET ANDERSON!




Wait a minute… We got Anderson? Anderson who? Oh, Lars Anderson… right… umm… what?

… …

… … …

That was the Indians big move? With all the rumblings and grumblings about whether or not the Indians would buy or even sell at the deadline in order to infuse talent into this ball club and they get Lars Anderson. I believe I speak for the masses when I ask the following question. Who the hell is Lars Anderson?

Well, I’m about to tell you.

Lars Anderson, who plays first base and hits left-handed (because that’s what we needed, another weak, left-handed hitting bat) was drafted in the 18th round by the Boston Red Sox in 2006. At the time, he was believed to have a great deal of upside after hitting .400 in his senior year of high school with 14 home runs.

While he performed well early on in his minor league career, his statistics and performance steadily declined as he progressed through each and every level. That’s not to say he performed poorly, but not to the level the Red Sox had suspected. He’s shown a fair amount of plate discipline having posted an on base percentage that has never been below .326.

Unfortunately, Anderson has never done much of anything in his limited time at the major league level. In 30 career games with the Red Sox, Anderson was batting .167/.268/.188 with 0 home runs and 4 RBI. That doesn’t instill a lot of confidence. But, we have to trust that the Indians know what they’re doing. Obviously this move was made for the future, possibly even next season.

Here’s what has to say about Anderson.

Scouting Report: Tall left-handed hitter with well, filled out frame. Smooth swing. Demonstrates strong patience at the plate, comfortably working counts to get offerings to drive.  Brings a plan to the plate and has knowledge of his strike zone. Lets the ball get deep on him and hits inside of the baseball.  Extends well with his arms to drive ball to opposite field. Struggles with breaking balls, which leads to swings-and-misses and weak contact on the ground.  Must improve contact skills to project as an average-to-better hitter for batting average at the big league level. Despite plus raw power, has trouble pulling the ball with lift.  Swing shows too much hook and lacks leverage due to looping hands during swing load.  Struggles to get good wood on inside fastballs.  Average-to-solid-average home run projection at big league level. Below-average speed. Defense around the first base bag has improved the last two seasons.  Has become more sure-handed. Digs throws in the dirt well.  Average range.  Adequate defensively.  Ability to stick on a major league roster heavily tied into offensive production.  Needs more consistency with focus and concentration.  Projects as an up-and-down major leaguer, with potential to carve role out on a second division team. 

So… I don’t know. With each and every passing minute I become a bit more accepting of the move considering all we gave up was a minor league knuckleball pitcher. Obviously, Casey Kotchman is not the long-term answer at first and given the lack of true first base prospects, this move probably fills that need going forward. But, here again, this move points to the Indians philosophy of trying to catch lightning in a bottle. Anderson didn’t work out with the Red Sox so they were able to acquire him for cheap in hopes that he works out for them. In other words, it’s just more of the same.

In the meantime, this team is what it is. The team we’ve grown more and more frustrated with by the day is the team we’ll close out the season with. Ultimately this means a slow and painful decent from the upper tier of the AL to find out place somewhere at or around .500 and probably a dozen games out of first. So there’s that to look forward to.

All in all, it could be worse. There’s always the chance that the Indians get hot and turn this thing around. They could very well prove everyone wrong and make a run to the top of the AL Central. As unlikely as that seems, at least the Indians didn’t do anything stupid to try to improve right now. We still have our core and they didn;t give up anything of real value for a player that might not have made a difference in the end.



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