Browns Select Josh Gordon

The Browns desperately needed a wide receiver. They knew it, we knew it, and everyone else in the NFL knew it. That’s why the Browns made the bold move today when they sacrificed next year’s second round pick in order to draft former Baylor wide receiver Josh Gordon in the supplemental draft. Hopefully with that pick, the Browns can begin building a sustainable offense for the first time in what seems like decades.

It’s an interesting decision to make a move like this. We as a fan base all felt like the Browns needed to get a wide receiver in free agency and then in the draft. When it didn’t happen in either situation we became irate. How the Browns felt that they could go into 2012 with what looked like the worst receiver core in football was unacceptable. Thankfully, the Browns didn’t feel that way and today’s move solidifies it.

By selecting Gordon in the supplemental draft the Browns may have gotten their future #1 wide out. He’s a physical freak with all of the tools you’re looking for. He’s pushing 6’4″ 225 lbs and runs 4.4 40-time. A lot of scouts have compared him to Terrell Owens minus the diva like attitude. If he even ends up being half as good as Owens then this move will have been a win.

The only real problem with Gordon is the fact that he hasn’t played a single down of football for 2 years now. He was suspended from Baylor following the 2010 season for a drug arrest and subsequent failed drug test. He then transferred from Baylor to Utah and was forced to sit out a year because that’s the NCAA and how they operate. That’s how we got to where we are today. Rather than playing for Utah this season, Gordon opted to enter the supplemental draft and now he’s a Brown.

A lot of people are saying no to expect much from Gordon this season since it’s been so long since he’s played and he has to get acclimated to the Browns west coast system. I think that’s a crock of bull crap. How hard is it to play football? especially for a football player? Because he’s not in game shape? They guy has a 3% body fat percentage. I’m pretty sure he’s in shape. I understand having to learn the playbook, but is he any further behind than either Brandon Weeden or Trent Richardson? Yes, he missed the few days of mini camp last month, but that’s it. He’ll be there for training camp and the preseason games. And oh yea, he’s more physically gifted than anyone else on the roster starting today. Why then should we not be expecting much?

Yes, there was a small sample size to base the decision off of and it was mighty risky to offer up a future second round pick for a wide receiver that many are saying is a project, but if you want to get better in the NFL you have to take risks. If Gordon is as good as everyone says he can be, then why not take him? Isn’t it possible that Gordon could be better than any wide receiver available for the Browns in next year’s draft? If you like a guy, you sack up and you take him. That’s what the Browns did… finally!

So with that, I’m officially on board for the 2012 season. I was a little worried, but with what the Browns did in the draft combined with what they did today, there’s a reason to feel optimistic. Even if they only win 4 or 5 games, at least it’s feeling like they aren’t going to be content in doing so.



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