But I Don’t Wanna Be a Pirate!

Well, that went well.

Or you know… the exact opposite. Unless of course you actually root for the Pittsburgh Pirates. In that case, I say good day to you fine sir. God, I hate Pittsburgh.

If this is any type of foreshadowing to how the 2012 Cleveland Browns season is going to go against the Steelers, well then start putting drinks on my tab now because it’s time to start drinking… heavily.

First off, our pitching staff has been terrible, especially of late. I’m not exactly sure what happened to out starting rotation or middle relievers, but there is absolutely no telling what we’ll see from any of them from game to game. Right now the most reliable pitchers look like Justin Masterson, Vinnie Pestano, and Chris Perez. They can’t pitch everyday. Trust me, I’ve looked into this. It’s also unlikely the Indians will be able to play with a lead every single game. Sure it would be nice because our pitching staff tends to perform well with the lead ,it’s when they fall behind or are forced into a tight situation in the middle things where the circus breaks loose.

In the time it took you to read that last paragraph Pedro Alvarez just hit two more home runs for the Pirates…

Second, the situational hitting has been equally as awful. Yes, advancing and scoring runners on ground ball outs is what you might typically consider to be a “productive out,” but this is just getting ridiculous. The Indians are regularly outhitting their opposition and routinely coming up short in the big moments of games. Yes, Carlos Santana, I’m looking at you and your .220 batting average. Stop walking, stop striking out, and put the ball in play. preferably in a location where there isn’t a player from the opposing team standing with glove in hand.

Lastly, are the Indians going to do anything to try to rectify the glaring issues on this team or are they going to continue to live in denial with a shoe string budget? It’s blatantly obvious that they need a quality power bat in the middle of the order to help strike fear into pitchers. Right now they aren’t getting that type of production out of anyone, especially Santana (as previously mentioned). Go out and make a trade for somebody of value. Don’t bring me Manny Ramirez or Marlon Byrd and tell me they are the saviors of the 2012 season. I refuse to buy into that logic, you know… because Johnny Damon and Casey Kotchman are working out so well.

That brings me to another point I’d like to point out. Matt LaPorta…

Are the Indians bound and determined to break him beyond repair at this point? That’s the only logical conclusion I can come up with. I mean, why else would they call him up for 10 games, play him in only 3, and then send him back down to the minors to rot away? It makes no sense. Either give LaPorta an opportunity to be the impact power hitter he was brought here to be or just cut ties with him all together. No, instead they’d rather throw him into an impossible situation where he knows he basically has to go 18 for 20, hit 6 home runs, and drive in 14 runs in a weeks time in order to stay in the lineup.

Can we just fast forward to the part where the Indians put him on waivers, he gets claimed by the Royals, and turns into a 40 home run, 100 RBI player? Please?


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