Jason Kipnis is the Man

You read that right folks. Jason Kipnis is the man. If you don’t believe me I would ask that you take a look at exhibit A, otherwise known as yesterdays game winning home run in the top of the 9th. The three run shot secured a 4-1 win over the reigning World Series champs and capped off a 3 for day for Kipnis in which he singled, doubled, and homered, scored a run and drove in three. Oh and for good measure he swiped yet another base. Needless to say, Kipnis is on a tear right now.

Still don’t beleive me? Well then go ahead and take a look at my latest article over on Wahoo’s on First where I tell you just how awesome of a season he’s having along with where he might potentially end up in the baseball lore.

And to answer your question, yes… I’m being lazy today and linking to an article I wrote on another site. In my defense it’s a really good article that I spent a decent amount of time on. But as always… you get what you pay for.


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