The Indians Go After… Bobby Abreu?

So… yesterday I wrote about how the Indians were attempting to fill their gaping hole out in left field with an assortment of crappy outfielders that probably couldn’t make any other roster in Major League Baseball.  Well, you can go ahead and add another name to that list now.  Last night the Indians were deathly close to acquiring disgruntled Angel, Bobby Abreu.

Yes, the same Bobby Abreu that had a wins above replacement value of 7.1… in 2003.  That was almost a decade ago… 10 full years!  Now, that’s not to say Bobby Abreu is washed up.  In reality, at the age of 38 he’s merely a shell of his former self.  He’s not going to hit 25+ home runs and drive in 100+ runs as the #3 hitter in the lineup, but he can draw walks, still steal you 20 bases, and get on base at a rather efficient rate.  So he has that much going for him.

He also brings a boat load of experience to a team, with the exception of Derek Lowe, is one of the youngest in all of baseball.  They could use a veteran presence like his that has been through the battles and been there before to help them stay focused during the dog days of August.  From that stand point he has value.

Then again… he’s 30 freakin’ 8 years old!  He’s batting .087 this spring.  Yes, you read that correctly… .087.  I know you can’t always take spring training numbers to heart, but .087!?!?! That’s a red flag if I’ve ever seen one.

The theory here is that the Indians need a bat to put in the middle of their lineup that can also fill the hole that has been left field.  Well, Bobby Abreu mostly DH’s at this point and judging from his performance so far he can;t hit any more either.  There has also been the rumor that the Indians would platoon him with Travis Hafner at DH.  Great, so they can have 2 left-handed hitting DH’s that can’t play in the field… spectacular.  Where do I sign up for this?

A lot of people like to throw out the advanced statistics of what Abreu did last year and that given his track record he would be a great addition.  Me personally, I feel like every so often you have to give things the eye test and believe in what you are seeing.  Despite the positives Bobby Abreu could bring to the Indians he’s a 38-year-old DH that might be able to play some left field here and there, couldn’t hit his way out of a wet paper bag this spring, and has become more than expendable for the Angels.  If Abreu had anything left in the tank wouldn’t they find him at bats?

They’re not.  They’d rather pay him the bulk of his salary while he plays for the Indians.  Thankfully, depending on how you see this, they couldn’t come to terms on that amount and the trade fell through.  I just can’t help but feel like this deal isn’t dead quite yet.  And the saddest part, of all the options that have been rumored thus far… I think I like the acquisition of Bobby Abreu the best.

I can’t help but feel like if the Indians are willing to look this desperate to get a left fielder, what is the next pathetic option going to be?

You know what… I’d rather not know


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