What to Do with Left Field

As anyone can guess from the nature of yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday, the Indians seem to have a revolving door that exits to left field.  Given all the candidates for the left field position and the fact that no one with the exception of Shelly Duncan seems to understand that there is in fact a competition going on, it should make Indians fans worry a bit.

Here we are, a week away from Opening Day and it looks like the Indians will once again head into the season with no real answer at a position that has continued to plague them.  That’s not to say they don’t have their left field answer on the current roster.  He’s currently playing centerfield in the form of Michael Brantley thanks to the injury to Grady Sizemore earlier this spring.

Because Brantley has been forced back to center, that has left the Indians scrambling to fill left field with any healthy body that can manage to hit above the Mendoza line.  Needless to say, things aren’t looking good.  The Indians have seemingly tried anyone and everyone who has left field experience either on the roster or who was available via free agency for relatively next to nothing.  The end result hasn’t been good.

The Indians have trotted out Matt LaPorta, Felix Pie, Fred Lewis, Aaron Cunningham, Russ Canzler, and any other number of minor league options.  They’ve also explored a solution from outside the organization by kicking the tires on both Johnny Damon and Vladimir Guerrero before deciding neither was the right fit.  Honestly, even though their combined age is somewhere between old and ancient, there isn’t any possible way they could have done any worse than anyone else, is there?

What I’m trying to get at is that rather than going out and finding a legitimate solution to the left field conundrum, the Indians have tried to patch work this thing together.  It should be a surprise to no one that it’s not working.  Like they always say, garbage in… garbage out.

If anything, this is a repeat of the Jason Michaels/David Dellucci debacle from a few years ago.  Both were brought in to platoon and provided a quality righty/lefty combo.  It was anything but.  Michaels never looked comfortable and Delucci seemingly forgot how to hit a baseball.

Speaking of Jason Michaels, there was also a rumor that he was considered an option over the past few days.  Yes, seriously… Jason Michaels.

What the hell are they thinking?  I realize they have to work on a budget, but seriously… Jason Michaels wasn’t any good when he was 30.  What makes the Indians think he would be any good at 35?

So what are the Indians going to do?  In all honesty, the Indians will most likely proceed with Shelly Duncan to star the year, ride him until he hits a slump, then ride whoever gets hot and hopefully survive until Sizemore comes back… at which point they will hope and pray Sizemore can stay healthy.

This could be a long year folks… a long year.


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