The Dream is Dead; Redskins Acquire 2nd Overall Pick

The dream is dead. We can all cancel our orders for #10 Griffin jerseys... or take the masking tape off of our Brady Quinn jerseys. ugh.

I’m going to be sick.

In the darkness of night the Washington effing Redskins swooped in and agreed to trade three first round picks and an additional second round pick the Rams in exchange for the second overall pick in the draft.  The deal can’t be completed until 4 p.m Tuesday, but it’s already too late for the Browns.  the Trade has been agreed to in principal and it is all but a foregone conclusion the Redskins will use that pick to select Robert Griffin III.


"What!?!?" Exactly, that's the same reaction I had to this news.

That means no more hoping and no more dreaming for the electric quarterback from Baylor.  Instead of manning up and going all in the Browns tip toed around the subject with the Rams, tried to call their bluff in order to regain a bit of leverage and ultimately had it come back to bite them in the asses because they didn’t want to send away an additional second round pick, a pick the Redskins were more than willing to give away today.

In all, the total haul the Rams have acquired from the Redskins is as follows:  This years #1 pick (#6 overall), 2013’s #1, 2014’s #1 and  this year’s second round pick, #39 overall.

That’s a lot to give up for something that has no guarantee of working out, but in a league that is dominated be quarterback play the Redskins did what they felt like they needed to do.  The Browns on the other hand didn’t feel the juice was worth the squeeze.  Despite everything we had heard and everything that was rumored, now we have to wonder to ourselves whether or not the Browns were ever 100% serious about drafting RG3.  I’m not so sure they were and instead will turn their attention towards Ryan Tannehill, Brandon Weeden, free agent Matt Flynn, current QB Colt McCoy… or other.  Part of me feels like they’re relieved because Washington effectively took the RG3 option away.

Well, at least his wife is hot. So he has that going for him...

Seriously, I’m depressed by this news.  I feel like I want to be sick.  I know I’ve made it clear I didn’t want to necessarily give up the king’s ransom for the right to draft RG3, but I had pretty much come to terms with the fact that it was going to happen… and now it’s not.  Face it, the Browns are headed towards another decade of mediocrity.  This team is never getting over the hump.  I’m almost convinced of it.  To top it all off, I’m fairly certain God hates Cleveland, so we have that going for us too.

I feel like I got kicked in the balls by a size 14 steel toed boot.

So when we look back on the history of the Cleveland Browns 5, 10, 20 years from now, March 9, 2012 might be the day the Browns sealed their fate and the right to draft corner back Morris Claiborne, admittedly a quality player, but not the type of player that could have a franchise changing impact.  Again, I just hope they know what they’re doing because right now, I don’t think they do.

How long does it take to drive to the I-480 bridge from New Orleans?


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