Will The Browns Stick with Colt McCoy?

Reports are beginning to circle around Browns Nation about the possibility of Colt McCoy being the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns in 2012.  Most of this is just pure speculation, but some of it is also coming directly from the Browns.  In an informal sit down with the media Pat Shurmur addressed a multitude of issues surrounding the Browns this offseason and how they plan to address them.  The largest looming of these issues being of course, who will quarterback the Browns this upcoming season?

The consensus on this is split pretty evenly.  Half of the fan base feels like the team needs to make a move in a different direction while the other half feels more than comfortable sticking it out with Colt McCoy for another season.

Personally, I feel like McCoy deserves one more season under center in order for the Browns to make a true assessment of what they have in him.  The front office gave him absolutely no help last season at the wide receiver position, instead sticking him with the likes of Brian Robiskie, Mohamed Massaquoi, and company.  They were quite possibly the worst wide receiving core in the league, if not the history of mankind.  Couple that with injuries along the offensive line and  with the running backs and Tony Pashos’ ole’ act, and McCoy never really stood a chance.

I firmly believe that Clot McCoy is nowhere near as bad as his performance in 2011 made him appear to be.  Does that mean I think he’ll eventually become the second coming of Drew Breese or Troy Aikman?  Not at all.  I just think that if you gave McCoy offensive weapons around him that could actually be considered NFL caliber he wouldn’t be nearly as bad as we have been led to believe.

Of course, the other half of all of this has to do with the upcoming draft.  Many Browns fans feel as though the Browns should kick McCoy to the curb and go after Robert Griffin III at any and all costs.  While I agree that he’s an interesting player and someone the Browns could certainly use, I don’t feel like they would be any better off trading their 4th, 22nd, and probably another draft pick (maybe two) to St. Louis in order to acquire him.  There are too many holes on this team to be mortgaging away everything on one player.  Can Robert Griffin III or any other quarterback improve the Browns win/loss record with the current supporting cast?  It’s doubtful.

That’s why the Browns are better served to stay with McCoy for the time being and use their plethora of draft picks to acquire talent.  That’s what it takes to win in the NFL and the Browns are sorely lacking it in almost every area.  If there is another quarterback available later on in the draft that they like, by all means they should draft him, but not if it means selling off everything they have for one guy.  Now if Griffin were to somehow drop to us at #4 then that’s an entirely different story all together.

If it turns out McCoy isn’t the guy, then so be it.  All that means is the Browns will be armed with another high draft pick and a chance to draft the next big thing at quarterback.  It’s not like we haven’t been here before.  We’ve been in this same spot every year since 1999.  Why get desperate?  Where has that gotten us?

Absolutely nowhere.


One thought on “Will The Browns Stick with Colt McCoy?

  1. I’m with you on this one give Colt McCoy another season, but the team needs to get behind him and start playing as one, if it dosn’t work out then its time to look around for another quaterback

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