Cavs Vs Heat:Good Vs Evil


No screaming.  No yelling.  No ranting and raving.

I’m not doing any of that.  Not today.  Not for this matchup.

This comes down to one very simple and basic fact.  The Cavs are taking on the Heat tonight at the Q.  This is the first time the new look Cavs featuring Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson will take on the Death Star known as the Miami Heat in Cleveland.

So no jokes.  No hilarious commentary.  None of the usual from me right now.

This is business and for the Cavs it should feel personal.

Yesterday, LeBron James tried to woo fans into not hating him.  To make them feel like all should be forgiven and one day he’ll return like a white knight riding a noble steed to save the day.  The Cavs should be pissed.  Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson should be pissed.  Now that we’ve had time to digest it… we should all be pissed.  Who cares about what may or may not happen.  We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, but for right now, in the present… this is a statement game.

It’s time for the Cavs to show LeBron James what’s up.  It’s game time.


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