LeBron Could Return to the Cavs…

My brain hurts.

LeBron James, the one who shall not be named, said in an interview after practice today that he wouldn’t rule out returning to Cleveland to play with the Cavs and win a championship.  You can find the full story here.

I’m torn.  While the prospect of one of the greatest players in league history returning to Cleveland to help us possibly win a championship is somewhat intriguing, I can’t help but feel there are other motives at play here.  Like say… the fact that the Heat are in Cleveland to take on the Cavs tomorrow night and LeBron probably doesn’t want to get booed.

There’s also the chance that LeBron sees how successful Kyrie Irving has been thus far and either A) wants to take some of the shine off of the young star and place it on himself B) Sees what the Cavs have in place and realizes what he could have if he were to ever return C) Isn’t all that thrilled with how things are going in Miami.

For my money, I’m willing to bet its a healthy combination of the three and not one exclusively that led to those comments.  However, given the nature of his current deal with the Heat, we won’t have to seriously worry about this for another two years, at least.

But that brings up the serious question.  If the Cavs didn’t have to give up anything to get him and simply signed him as a free agent in two years at the age of 29… would anyone want him back.  With this cast of characters led by Kyrie Irving and possibly a second lottery pick… part of me seriously wants to say yes to that.  He might have made one hell of a bad decision and done it in the worst way imaginable, but it’s hard to overlook the things he can do on the basketball court.  I just don’t know.  Yes, there’s still the bitter and jaded part of me that never wants to forgive what happened and tell him to go screw himself in the process, but… yeah, I don’t know.

Ask me again in a couple of years.  In the meantime… screw LeBron.  Go Cavs.


3 thoughts on “LeBron Could Return to the Cavs…

  1. I believe “the King” doesn’t exist in Miami and he realizes what he gave up – the best sports fans in the world. Cleveland sports fans are loyal to the end, but don’t screw with them and their feelings.

  2. LeBron seems to me to be one of those guys who takes it personally when people don’t like him. The problem is he keeps digging his own grave everytime he opens his mouth.

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