What to do With Ramon Sessions

Ramon Sessions… do the Cavs trade him or do they keep him?

It’s an interesting question and one that conjures up a pretty decent debate.  There are pluses and minuses for both stances, but in all honesty, there is one right answer.

The Cavs need to trade Ramon Sessions.

Don’t get me wrong, I love what Sessions can bring to the table.  The only problem is he is notoriously a point guard.  The Cavs #1 pick this year, Kyrie Irving, is also notoriously a point guard.  If you have any knowledge of basketball and how the NBA works you can see why this is a problem.  Only one of them can play the position at a time and ultimately it’s Irving they have chosen to build this franchise around moving forward.  That’s why Sessions has to go.

There’s also the added wrinkle that I’ve mentioned here several times before.  The Cavs need to walk that fine line between improving but not getting too good too soon.  There is a risk that holding onto Sessions could lead to the Cavs getting too good too soon.  If this team is going to become a legit contender it’s going to come from following the model set forth by the Thunder.  That means acquiring draft picks and as much young talent as possible.

That’s why it’s imperative the Cavs deal Sessions.  There are several teams you can list who are in desperate need of a point guard, most notably the Lakers and until the emergence of Jeremy Lin, the Knicks.  With Kyrie hurt the past two games Sessions has had the opportunity to show what he can do as a starter.  All he’s down is rack up 39 assists and 36 points.  With that type of production, which he has shown numerous times before that he’s capable of doing on a consistent basis, why not start calling around and seeing what they can get for him?

With the way Sessions is playing the Cavs may be able to demand quite a ransom for his services, like say… multiple draft picks or a first round pick and other players in return.  Again, the Cavs need to acquire draft picks.  Why not turn one player into 2 or 3 others?  In addition to this, once Kyrie returns from his concussion issues, Sessions will be put back on to the bench where his minutes will only continue to diminish.  Kyrie is going to play and keeping Sessions around doesn’t do anyone any good.

Then again, maybe the Cavs keep Sessions.  Maybe they find a way to get both players on the court at the same time.  Granted it creates matchup problems against some of the larger 2 guards in the league, but it’s an interesting idea.  Scott has already toyed with it on occasion with fairly decent results.  It also doesn’t hurt to have a quality backup in case of injuries, foul trouble, etc.  You just never know.  Maybe Boobie Gibson is the one to go.  He’s way more one-dimensional than Sessions, after all.

Either way, it’ll be interesting to see what they decide to do.  From what I’ve read and looked into, I’d say it’s almost a certainty that Sessions ends the season in another uniform.  He holds too much value at a position the Cavs feel like they already have the answer for.  If flipping Sessions for multiple pieces of this rebuilding project there is little doubt they’ll pull the trigger.


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