Well… That was Uneventful

So not to name names, but some idiot got on this website and ranted and raved about how last night’s game could have gone down as one of, if not the greatest Super Bowl we would ever see.

What a moron.  That game was so incredibly boring.  It had no real flow to it and it didn’t seem like much really happened with the exception of the first 5 minutes and the last 5 minutes.

OK, so that moron was me.  I really thought last night’s game between the Giants and Patriots was going to be epic.  Oh, it was epic alright… an epic waste of my time.  I had such high hopes and it just never really materialized.  The Giants came out looking like they had just snorted 37 lines of cocaine and were ready to run through a brick wall.  The Patriots didn’t even seem like they had any interest in being there.  How else do you explain how things played out.  Before you could blink it was 9-0 Giants thanks to a safety and a touchdown.

Ya, the first score was a safety.  Whoever got that bet right, stop bragging.  There is no way in hell you knew that was going to happen, so just stop.  Seriously, no one wants to hear you go on about how you knew something that’s only ever happened twice before was not only going to happen last night, but be the first score.  Just stop.

I’d like to say that I knew what happened in between the first and last 5 minutes, but I can’t recall anything except for a few commercials (which as a whole were equally as bad) and Madonna running around a stage wearing thigh high eff me boots even though she’s 53 years old and no one wants to a,b,c,d, or e her… let alone eff her.  (and can we please end the 15 minutes of fame run of LMFAO?  They’re awful)

In the end though, this game was an exact repeat of the last time these two teams met in the Super Bowl.  The Patriots and Tom Brady didn’t make enough plays and Eli Manning made all of the plays when he needed to.  That pass down the sideline to Mario Manningham was a thing of beauty and will rank just behind the helmet catch in terms of incredible Super Bowl moments (sorry, it losses points because helmet catch had a level of absurdity that just hasn’t been matched since).

Of course, had Rob Gronkowski not been crippled by Bernard Pollard 2 weeks ago, this may have been a different game all together.  That has to be made an asterisk or footnote to what we saw last night.  he was their main weapon and Brady’s #1 target.  Take the #1 option off of any team for a big game and you’re going to get the same type of disjointed offensive performance like we saw last night from the Patriots.  But, such is life and such is football.

So how will I remember Super Bowl whatever number this was?  I’ll remember it for all the things it wasn’t.  It wasn’t a high scoring shoot out.  It wasn’t the rematch of the century.  It wasn’t the revenge game we all thought it would be.  It wasn’t the game in which Belichick and Brady reasserted themselves as the greatest coach/qb combo of all time.

It was just another game.  Just another really boring game.


One thought on “Well… That was Uneventful

  1. I started hearing comments Monday morning about what a great game it was and just had to switch over to sitcom reruns. Couldn’t take it. Sometimes, people associate close with well-played when it comes to the “BIG GAME.” You and I are two who do not. Co-sign on all the above. A game that will be remembered for all the things that did not happen, all the plays that were not made.

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