Why This Could Be the Best Super Bowl Ever

Rarely do we get to see a Super Bowl with this type of drama and story line.  Every so often you might get two teams that are historical rivals, Cowboys-Steelers, or could be considered geographical rivals, 49ers-Chargers Bills-Giants.  On the rarest of occasions do we get to see a rematch, the most notable being the Bills-Cowboys in back to back years.

Other than that… The Super Bowl is usually a match up of two teams where all of the drama has been conjured up by the media in an attempt to make things interesting.

Not this year.

This year we get the rematch of all rematches.  The New England Patriots take on the New York Giants in an epic rematch of Super Bowl 42.  You know, the one where the Patriots were an undefeated juggernaut and were upset thanks to the heroics of Eli Manning and David Tyree, the play that will forever be known as “The Helmet Catch.”  The Patriots are sure to be pissed off and looking for revenge.  The Giants ruined their dream of the perfect season and for that they must pay… that is if you’re a Patriots fan.

That history serves as one hell of a backdrop for a game between two teams that appear to be pretty evenly matched.  The Patriots turned in another fantastic season running over the AFC East on their way to the Super Bowl.  Tom Brady did Tom Brady type things and in the process reminded everyone that he is THE elite QB in the NFL.  Their defense… well… the defense has had better years.

The Giants, meanwhile, did what the Giants always do.  They looked amazing, then looked like crap… then looked amazing again… and then looked like crap again.  Keeping with this trend, the Giants look amazing again leading into the Sunday’s game.  Their defensive line has been a four man wrecking crew destroying Matt Ryan, Aaron Rodgers, and Alex Smith on their path to Indianapolis.  Eli Manning finally looks like an elite QB, not that he hadn’t before, but he always left you feeling a bit unsure.  Now… he’s the real deal.  The wide receiving unit of Victor Cruz, Hakeem Nicks, and Mario Manningham… stud, stud, and stud.

This could be good.

Adding to the drama is the fact that this game is being played in the house that Peyton built.  Throughout the 2000’s Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have the been the most bitter of rivals.  Now Brady has a chance to win his fourth Super Bowl and cement his legacy as the supreme quarterback of this generation.  On the other hand, little brother Eli could double Peyton’s Super Bowl ring total and in the process make the argument that he is the more clutch of the two Manning brothers. 

Whatever happens, there’s bound to be a lot of glimpses of Peyton Manning sitting up in a suite on Sunday scowling at the field in disgust.  As someone who’s never really been a Manning fan… this excites me.  I’m giddy like a school girl.

Sunday can’t get here soon enough.


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