Rant Mode, Engage!

What are we doing?

Seriously.  I’d like to know, because from my vantage point it looks like the Indians are sitting around with their thumbs up their butts.

Meanwhile, as the Indians continue to partake in their self exploration of the field of proctology, all the other teams competing for the AL crown are loading up like this is a 1980’s nuclear arms race.  We were told the Indians were going to acquire a big bat.  We were told they were going to address the problem at first base.  We were even told of a possible “big trade.”  Where is any of this?  Did I sleep through it all?  Is this just a bad dream and when I wake up the Indians lineup will be loaded with home run hitters reminiscent of the 1995 team?

Unfortunately no, this is all to real and all too much what we have come to expect from the Indians under the ownership of Larry Dolan.

This has been another season where the Indians sit idly by while their competition continues to throw big dollars at top-level talent.  Better yet, if they aren’t spending big bucks, they’re making trades to acquire those all-star caliber level talents.  Let’s run down the list, shall we?

The Yankees acquired Hiroki Kuroda and future ace Micahel Pineda.

The Rangers spent big buck to sign Yu Darvish from Japan.

The Angels went out and spent a third world countries GDP on Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson.

The Red Sox traded for Andrew Bailey and more than likely aren’t anywhere even close to being done.

The Rays… well the Rays are the Rays, but everyone knows they’re going to be good.

Then today… the Tigers… OUR MAIN RIVAL FOR THE DIVISION… went out and signed Prince Fielder to a 9 year $214 million dollar contract.

Game Over.

How do you compete with that?  Well, if you’re the Indians you sit down with Carlos Pena and argue over what essentially comes down to nickels and dimes in the grand scheme of things.  You make a BIG TRADE… for Kevin Slowey.  You go out and sign a huge impact bat like… Ryan Spilborghs.  What?

Yes.  That’s what the Indians have done to combat the powers that be.  No game changing signing.  No all in trades for a big time bat or MVP caliber player.  No creative maneuvers like trying to pry Joey Votto away from the Reds or David Wright from the Mets.  Like I said… thumb up the butt.

Now don’t get me wrong, I understand the financially constraints in which the Indians operate, but given what everyone else has done in an attempt to one up each other you can’t help but feel like the Indians are the Kazakhstan to the Angels, Yankees, and Tigers USA, Germany, and Russia.

I also understand that this is my initial reaction to today’s news and it hasn’t had the proper amount of time to sink in.  Unfortunately, I just don’t see how my opinion is going to change on any of this.  The move by the Tigers to go out and get Prince Fielder is a game changer and may very well have sealed the division for them before a single pitch is even thrown.  Yes, anything can happen in any given year… but seriously… what does everyone honestly think is going to happen?



4 thoughts on “Rant Mode, Engage!

  1. Stagnancy is frustrating. I understand. That Prince Fielder deal is scary. That much money? Scary money, really. I don’t have a helpful comment today. Um…. all are moves are kind of minute in comparison with everyone else. Well, um, most everyone else. Um. At least it’s not snowing.

    1. ya, this year they are pretty minute, but i have a feeling you guys will be ok with that one guy you got last year, adrian… gomez? gutierrez?… GONZALEZ! ya, adrian gonzalez. maybe he’ll turn into an ok player for you. here’s hoping it works out!

      *cracks open bottle of jim beam*

  2. I was at dinner with the wife when my Twitter timeline blew up with your “initial” thoughts. “Honey, give me a moment with the iPhone…” I truly feel for you, Brian. The haves and have-nots in baseball frustrate me so. I just don’t get how it is ok for franchises to serve as Triple A teams year after year waiting for lightning to strike…and pray for going to spring training thinking they can win 100 games instead of thinking how to keep from losing 100 games. It’s all a blur how Philly became one of these haves. For eternity we went into years hoping for a .500 club and considered that a heck of a season. Some owners want to just break even, some just want to be the best. How much they spend is a result of their respective want. Yet, even if an owner is inclined to go deep into the red ink on the ledger sheet and throw big coin at quality players those players may not like the cast around them…and/or where they will be utilizing their talents…because the (already) rich can make you even richer. I never saw this coming from the Tigers. I guess no one did. They obviously have a lot more want in ownership than first realized. Baseball isn’t interested in fairness or parity or competitive balance. Ownership has to have that…want.

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