Hello LSU Fans. My Name is Karma… Have We Met?

Uber Fail...

Karma is a cruel mistress.  LSU found that out the hard way last night as Alabama beat the living crap out of them in the BCS Title game.  Then again, maybe they would have been in that game and actually scored some points had sporting goods stores all across the greater New Orleans area not pissed off the football gods with signs like the one pictured above.

Call me crazy, but… it’s probably not a good idea to go out on a limb like that before a game of this magnitude.  How about “if LSU wins” or “should LSU win” rather than the blatantly arrogant “immediately following the LSU win.”

As soon as I saw these signs on Saturday I immediately regretted choosing LSU in my bowl pick pool.  There was no way the powers that be were going to allow LSU a chance to win this game.  It’s one thing for fans of a team to hoot and holler about how they’re going to win.  The football gods might make them sweat it out, maybe have a tie game at half or a 3 point third quarter deficit.  But when stores are all but saying, “Hey, we have the championship t-shirts and hats in the back!”… that’s just asking for trouble.

Trouble indeed.

So anyone looking for answers to what went wrong for the LSU Tigers last night, I offer you that as exhibit A.  It also didn’t help that Jordan Jefferson thought the Super Dome turf was a receiver and that they couldn’t get the ball past the 50 yard line until the fourth quarter.  You’d almost think LSU had a month and a half off since their last football game.  With the style of offense and type of QB this team had, time off is a bad thing.  They need to keep playing to keep a rhythm and flow.  Jefferson didn’t just look rusty, he looked like he had spent the past month living at the bottom of the ocean in the wreckage of the Titanic.

Meanwhile, Jarrett Lee sat and watched… and stood and watched… drank some Gatorade and watched… then stood around some more and watched… then he watched with his helmet on so that ESPN could get a dramatic “should they put in Lee shot/discussion going” (how thoughtful of him)… and then the game ended.  Well played Les Miles, well played.  Why bother puting in the backup QB who lit up the scoreboard and did an exceptional job filling in for Jefferson the first 7 or 8 weeks of the season.  Keeping in a QB that fumbled at least twice and threw an interception on a shovel pass is a great strategy.

But seriously, kudos to Alabama.  Everyone, including myself thought they didn’t deserve to be in the title game (I still feel like Oklahoma State deserved a shot).  They obviously heard all of the talk and read all of the articles because they played like a team with the no one believes in us chip on their shoulder.  They absolutely dominated LSU on both sides of the ball.  In fact, hindsight being 20/20, you can make a case that LSU had no business winning the first matchup and probably had no business being in the game last night.  Alabama is just better, end of story.

Oh, and I think they just kicked another field goal…


2 thoughts on “Hello LSU Fans. My Name is Karma… Have We Met?

  1. Crushing pressure on LSU to hold serve in their “dome away from home” and also defeat a team a second time. A talented one at that. Not in the prediction biz but at game time I did offer 21-17 Alabama. I did not anticipate the timid offensive game plan or the play of Jefferson – I thought they would score a couple times. I too was stunned Lee wasn’t given a chance.

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