Letters From a Cleveland Fan: An Open Letter to Mike Holmgren… Part 2

"The difference is we're going to stay the course and do it a certain way. I have an owner who supports us to do it this way. The growing pains are difficult. I understand that."... Growing pains? Are we drafting Kirk Cameron?

Dear Mike,

Why?  Why, oh why, do you continue to do this to us?  Why do you continue to preach the process of building a better team?  Why do you show the urgency of an old man strolling through the park while the fan base, to quote George Costanza, is as angry as an old man trying to send back soup in a deli?  Why must you torment us so!?!?!

I realize we’re all insane.  We’ve been over this before.  In fact, I distinctively remember approaching the subject in my last letter to you.  We don’t ask for much.  We’re not asking you to get us to the Super Bowl in 2012-13.  No, all we want is to be respectable.  Get us an 8-8 season.  Make it so that we aren’t a laughing-stock anymore.  Every other team in the NFL is able to luck into 1 or 2 seasons of decent football every now and then, yet we can’t win more than 5 games on a consistent basis.

Today you came out to discuss the season.  We hoped you’d provide answers.  We hoped you’d be angry as hell, as angry as the rest of us for the monumental failure this season had been.  Heads were going to roll, God dammit!.  But did that happen?  Did you hold anyone accountable?  No.  Instead you gave praise to Pat Shurmur, for what I’m not sure.  You basically shot down the idea of drafting offensive playmakers or signing quality free agents.  Thanks for killing my dreams of having Justin Blackmon next season.  At least now I won’t be disappointed come draft day because apparently you don’t number your receivers.  You just want quality receivers.  Terrell Owens is laughing at you.

Worst of all, you attempted to shower praise on yourself for how you and the Packers got lucky with Brett Favre like it was story time and I was curled up on the magic carpet with my blanket and apple juice.  Thanks, that really helped.  How does something that happened in 1992 when I was 8 help us now?  You made it seem as if everything was honky dory.  You still seem to have this idea in your mind that the system you have will magically turn our lackluster players into pro-bowl caliber talents.  Did you watch the same team the rest of us watched?  Did you see the same things?  My head hurts.

So ya, whatever.  The playoffs are starting up and once again the Browns aren’t in the flippin’ tournament.  Yep, not the same old Browns at all.


Cleveland Fan

P.S. Go Saints…


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