Week 17: Steelers vs. Browns… A Fan Base Torn

It’s week 17, which means this torture is almost over.  No more Sundays spent sitting around with anxious anticipation for the Browns to come on, only to end the day angry and bitter.  This is the last time we have to worry about this crap until the draft when the Browns will ultimately trade down to avoid taking a skill player… unless you consider a right guard to be a skill position.


The Browns take on the Steelers in one last attempt at futility.  Should they win… great, fantastic, woo hoo, we just effed up the Steelers playoff seeding.  We also eff up our own draft placement in the process.  That people… is why the fan base is torn.

To beat the Steelers, or not beat the Steelers… that is the question.

Of course, I want to beat the Steelers.  I’m just not sure the Browns SHOULD beat the Steelers.  We are significantly void of talent at a lot of positions.  Because of that cold hard truth, the Browns need to set themselves up for getting the best player imaginable to fill a pressing need.  Having the 4th pick is a lot more useful then the 7th or 8th pick.  It may seem insignificant, but what it Justin Blackmon or Michael Floyd… or even Robert Griffin III are somehow gone when we pick at 7 or 8?  Won’t we all wish we would have just lost to the Steelers?

I know… this sucks.  I don’t like it anymore than any of you, but the fact remains.  Beating the Steelers today could do more harm then good.

Sports are designed so that the worst teams can get better quickly.  That’s why the worst teams typically get the highest draft picks.  Being stuck in the middle, in that zone of mediocrity is the absolute worst place to be.  The last thing the Browns need to be is close to mediocrity right now.  They’re bad.  We all know they’re bad.  Why not just accept it and live to fight another day… hopefully with more talent.

So… in a different twist… what do the Browns have to do today in order to lose to the Steelers?

1.  Put the ball in Seneca Wallace’s hands as much as possible as soon as possible.  Let him throw it 60 times.  Hell, let him call his own plays.  We saw last week what can happen when he does that.  A run play with no timeouts and seconds left on the clock?  Sure, why not?  If they’re going to do this, might as well do it right.

2.  Let Pat Shurmur… well… be Pat Shurmur.  He’s been awful all year-long.  Why should we expect anything to click up their anytime soon?  We’ve had zero glimmers of hope that he’s the right man for the job.  Why bother finally having one today?

3.  Run plays to James Harrison’s side of the field.  I’m sure he’ll be in a good mood for his first game back.

4.  Turn the ball over… fumbles, interceptions… whatever it takes.

5.  Play like the 2011 Cleveland Browns…

Even if it is 2012…


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