The Cleveland Browns: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

For whatever reason, my brain just doesn’t want to work to well today so I’m going to make this short simple and to the point.

The Browns, as I’ve repeatedly stated over the course of the season, are awful.  Granted, there were a few pleasant surprises this past sunday against the Cardinals.  I liked how Greg Little played, finally having a big game that gave us a glimpse of what he could become.  I liked how the Browns ran the ball with Peyton Hillis, especially early in the game.  He looked fresh and like the running back we saw in 2010.  I even liked Seneca Wallace for the most part.  He wasn’t awful.  Not better than Colt by leaps and bounds, but not terrible.

The defense also played surprisingly well for the second consecutive game.  Of course, when he opposition is trotting out John Skelton as their starting quarterback, your defense probably should look pretty good.  The Browns even managed to keep Beanie Wells in check for much of the game and limited the impact he was able to make on ground.  That’s definitely a positive step in the right direction considering how bad they’ve been against the run all year.

But of course, the Browns are the Browns and what better way to acknowledge my birthday by delivering yet another mind numbing loss in a game that very easily could have been won?  Despite the vote of confidence by Holmgren, I still believe Pat Shurmur is more a part of the problem and less part of the solution.  His end of the game clock management and decision-making was absurd and his lack of confidence in his own offense was indefensible.

Did this come with a gift recepit?  Can I return or exchange it for something else?  Please…?

The Browns very clearly played not to lose in the second half, especially in the waning moments.  The end result… they lost the game anyways.  Why not go for the jugular?  Why not keep the pedal to the metal against a team that seemed flat and uninterested?  This is a game they should have won, but instead they let it slip away.  Good going guys… good going.


One thought on “The Cleveland Browns: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

  1. I’m no Shurmur fan, but I still think the problem lies at a pay grade above the coach. After all, who do you blame: the bad coach, or the guy who hired him?

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