Bring on the Urban Meyer Era

It appears that Ohio State is very close to coming to terms with Urban Meyer to be the new head coach of The Ohio State University football team.  I only have one thing to say about this developing situation…

Flippin’ sweet!

The hiring of Urban Meyer immediately puts Ohio State back on the map as a football powerhouse and depending on the sanctions that have yet to be announced by the NCAA, the Buckeyes could be back in the national title hunt as early as next season.  Meyer carries a tremendous amount of weight as a coach and thanks to his success in the SEC and the University of Florida he should be able to recruit some of the top talent in country.  Meyer’s not even officially on the job yet and he’s already pulled in a top recruit in defensive end Adolphus Washington.  Combine that with some of the pieces already put into place and you have to like what you see moving forward if you’re a Buckeye fan.

I will admit though… I’ve had a long running hatred for Urban Meyer that goes back to the 2007 National Championship game when his Florida Gators trounced the Buckeyes for his first BCS Title (In fairness, I have a long running hatred for LSU also, that dates back to the 2008 BCS Championship game.  Obviously, living in New Orleans I absolutely love this whole LSU ranked #1 and being dubbed the “greatest team ever” by the locals.  I can’t wait for the game of the century… part 2… ugh).  From there, Meyer’s reign at Florida appeared to be filled with nothing but arrogance and pompousness…and a few hundred arrests… that was hard to stomach outside of Gainesville.  Throw in a heavy dose of Tim Tebow for good measure and it was enough to hold a permanent chip on the shoulder against Urban Meyer.  To top it all off was Meyer retiring for a day, half heartedly coaching one more season, and then abruptly retiring again.

I’m not alone in these feelings either.  A lot of Buckeye fans, pre-tattoo gate, felt a similar disdain for Meyer.  We also assumed Jim Tressel would coach the Buckeyes forever so there was no need to like Meyer.  Despite the fact that Ohio State was believed to be his dream job, we had no reason to believe we would ever come to a point where we would want, let alone need Meyer in Columbus.

But here we are… wishing and hoping that all of the rumors are true… and it appears that they are.

By all accounts, Urban Meyer to Ohio State is a done deal.  We have hundreds of sources reporting that Meyer has met with everyone, agreed to coach, and is preparing to put a staff in place.  The only thing left is for Meyer and Ohio State to admit to it.  They’re the only one’s in this twisted mess of leaked news reports that hasn’t actually admitted to anything.  That’s understandable.  Ohio State plays Michigan this weekend and the last thing any of them probably wants to do is take the spotlight off of the game.

Too late for that.

Supposedly, the announcement will come sometime between Sunday and Tuesday, but one can’t help but think they should just announce it and get it over with.  The endless speculation and questioning has to be a distraction to the players and more than likely to the current coaching staff.  How can they possibly be expected to prepare for their arch rival when they are constantly being bombarded with questions concerning Urban Meyer?  It’s in everyone’s best interest to stop delaying the inevitable.

Until then, we can all look forward to the possibility of Urban Meyer leading the Buckeyes back to the promised land.  If it does happen and all of this is true it’ll be one hell of a ride that’s for sure.  I can’t believe I’m saying this but…

Bring on the Urban Meyer era!


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