The Game…

It’s on…

So I’ve decided to try and live blog this.  I’m currently sitting in my command center, AKA my couch, with my lucky Troy Smith jersey on.  The Yankee Loving Fiancée is putting up Christmas lights and listening to Christmas music on her Ipod.  She hates football that much… She might be the worst Ohioan ever.

First Quarter:

Michigan has deferred and Ohio State will receive the kickoff.  Here we go.  On the first two plays we’ve already seen appearances by Devier Posey and Boom Herron.  Ohio State has avoided the 3 and out and gets the first down.

  Braxton Miller just threw a duck.  He has so much potential, but man, can he ever throw some hideous passes…

 TOUCHDOWN!!!!  Braxton Miller just threw a beautiful deep bomb to a wide open Corey Brown.  That’s the Michigan defense we’ve come to know and love during this streak.  It’s now 7-0 Ohio State.  Suck on that Michigan.

Michigan has come out trying to run the football with Denard Robinson.  That’s not a bad idea to be honest.

Ohio State breaks up a Robinson pass on 3rd and 5 to force a 4th down.  Michigan will have to punt it away.  That was huge.  I’ve been telling people all week that the only way Ohio State has a chance is if they can get off to a fast start and jump out to a big lead early.  If Ohio State can push the ball down the field on this drive and get a touchdown to make it 14-0, Michigan might go into “Uh oh… here we go again” mode.  Huge drive coming here for the Bucks…

Side note… I love that we are officially in full scale, all out Christmas mode.  First commercial break and I’ve been sold everything from Wranglers to 3D TV.

You can really tell Braxton Miller is a freshman.  Things start breaking down and his feet start going 100 mph and you can tell his brain is moving faster than his body can.  Ohio State is forced to punt the ball away.

Michigan is starting this drive inside of OSU territory.  I don’t like the looks of that.  They come out with a 6 yard screen play to Toussant… And Denard Robinson just went all Denard Robinson on the Buckeyes.  He just ran 40+ yards for a touchdown to tie the game at 7.  Craptastic!

Side note, in little over half an hour the apartment has become quite festive thanks to the Yankee Loving Fiancee AND… I haven’t gotten a single dirty look yet.  I know, I’m shocked too.

I love that the Buckeyes have tried to open it up on offense by going deep, but you can tell Miller just doesn’t have that in his arsenal yet.  Case in point, he just missed a receiver open down the field.  Miller just did his best Denard Robinson impersonation for a 10 yard gain that was immediately wiped out by a holding penalty on Zach Boren… 2nd and 20.  Not good.  The Michigan crowd is turning it up a notch… and right on cue, false start #74, offense.  2nd and 25.. double crap.

NO!  Holding in the end zone.  Safety.  It’s now 9-7 Michigan and they get the ball.  With 7:41 left in the first it looks like the wheels are falling off.  Great.

This is Michigan’s first lead against Ohio State in 4 years.  That’s almost impossible.  I don’t think we can really grasp how awful Michigan had been under Rich Rodriguez.

I’m with Chris Spielman on the whole Denard Robinson thing.  Why take the ball out of his hands with these weird wildcat type of formations where his split out wide?  Just give him the ball and let him do his thing.  Meanwhile, Michigan is slowly making its way down the field.

And they just went from slowly plodding down the field to a 30 some  yard touchdown pass.  16-7 Michigan.

Ohio State just played volley ball on that kickoff return.  Thankfully, Devier Posey was in the right place at the right time to avoid a turnover.

Am I the only one who thinks Dan Herron was never really that good?

Ohio State punts and downs the ball inside the 10.  First crap field position Michigan has had so far.

Second Quarter:

The second quarter starts with Michigan punting.  The Buckeyes need to get points out of this drive.

These QB draws up the middle with Braxton Miller are working pretty well right now.  Ohio State is actually moving the ball on this drive.

Braxton Miller has absolutely no accuracy on his deep throws.  Urban Meyer should like that.  It’s very Tebow-esque.  He just missed a wide open Devier Posey on a beautiful double move to the corner of the end zone.  That’s been the biggest thing they’ve missed this year.  For all of Terrelle Pryor’s faults, he threw one hell of a deep ball, especially in big games.

Ohio State forces a fumble by drilling Denard Robinson on a run around the right side.  Say what you want about Robinson’s speed, but he’s too small.  That’s the second time today he’s been hit really hard and both times he fumbled.  He’ll never survive in the NFL.

Braxton Miller runs for a touchdown.  17-16 Ohio State.  Suck on that Michigan.  This game is so much more awesome when it’s close like this.  I wonder if Denard Robinson is still pretending to eat oatmeal or cereal on the sidelines.

Going back to that touchdown, we’ve seen it on the last two drives… Michigan can’t stop Braxton Miller when he decides to run the ball.  Time to go to the Tim Tebow offense.  Again, Urban Meyer is probably salivating.  Meanwhile, the Ohio State defense is really focusing in on Denard Robinson and containing him on his runs.

Michigan might have just gotten a first down.  To me it looks like it could have gone either way.  From one angle it looks like he got his hand under the ball and from the other it looks like a trap.  And the play stands as called.  First down Michigan at the 6 yard line.

Touchdown Michigan.  Denard Robinson executed a perfect option read on that fake hand off.  The OSU defender took the bait on the fake to Toussant, Robinson kept it and scampered in… then pretended to eat more oatmeal.  Stupid.  23-17 Michigan.

Side note, the Chevy commercial where the kids find the dad’s old Chevy and tell him it took 5 years is just absolutely awesome.

In case I haven’t mentioned it, Braxton Miller throws some absolutely awful passes to wide open receivers.

And just like that, Braxton Miller throws a beautiful touchdown pass to Devier Posey over the middle of the field.  24-23 Ohio State and the fourth lead change of the half.  This game has been awesome so far.

And look at that, Denard Robinson gets drilled.  This time he holds onto the ball, but now he’s “shaken up.”  Again, he’s too small.

Halftime: 24-23 Ohio State over Michigan

Third Quarter:

The second half is underway.  Michigan has received the ball and it appears they’re going to focus on the running game, at least early on here in the third quarter.

Seriously, Michigan is really working the running game right now with Robinson and Toussant right now.  As I type that they complete a pass down the middle of the field to their tight end.  Michigan is now inside the 20 yard line.  Barring some type of miracle it looks like Michigan is going to get a touchdown here.  They look like they know what they want to do right now and are executing it well.

Bad pitch by Denard Robinson that results in an 8 yard loss.  Ohio State was nearly given an early Christmas gift on that play.

Ohio Sttate give Robinson 15 minutes to sit back in the pocket and find a wide open receiver for a touchdown.  You could tell on that throw they were more concerned about not letting Robinson run for 11 yards and a first down rather than getting after him and forcing a play to be made.  30-24 Michigan.

Michigan just made a huge mistake as  the punter fumbled the snap.  Ohio State has the ball now in prime position to score a TD.  Miller just ran the ball down to the Michigan 5.  First and goal Buckeyes.  Actually, that play ends what was a very uneventful 3rd quarter thanks in part to Michigan’s first drive that took a lot of time off the clock.

We head to the fourth quarter 30-24 Michigan.

Fourth Quarter:

Fisrt and goal from the five and the Buckeyes couldn’t get it in the end zone.  Instead they settled for a field goal to make it 30-27 Michigan.

Couple of things here.  First off, I didn’t like the play calling.  Everyone knew Ohio State was going to try and work the run to get the ball into the end zone.  When it didn’t work on first down, they should have gone to a play action pass.  Instead they ran it again and then tried to pass on third down when they had no choice.

Second, Why not go for it at fourth and goal from the 3?  If you don’t get it, Michigan is forced to go 95+ yards to score.  Instead the Buckeyes got three points that didn’t really help at all and Michigan will get the ball at least at the 20 yard line.  I like the chances of forcing Robinson into a turnover that deep inside his own end of the field.  Regardless, Ohio State chose not to leave points on the field.

Michigan takes over and Ohio State needs a big stop.

Doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.  Michigan is already over midfield and looks primed to score another touchdown.  That’s been the difference today.  Michigan has scored touchdowns whereas Ohio State has had to settle for a few field goals.

And Shazier just ripped off Toussant’s helmet.  That’s going to be a 15 yard penalty.  Michigan is down to the OSU 13.  This is going to end badly.  I’m calling it now, Denard Robinson touchdown run.

Unrelated note, the Yankee Loving Fiancee is beyond bored.  She’s already decorated, showered, gone out shopping, come home and complained about being bored, and gone out shopping again.  I am so going to owe her later today…

Touchdown pass by Denard Robinson.  This is exactly what I was talking about.  Instead of this still being a 1 possession game if they scored a TD, it’s now a two possession game.  OSU’s defense hasn’t been able to stop Robinson all day.  They had to play for the touchdown on that last series.  Now they have a mountain to climb.

Big play there by Miller and Stoneburner, even if it was a duck.  Ohio State is moving the ball well right now and moving it quickly.  Ohio State has it down to the Michigan 8 yard line and looks to be getting more on a late hit.  First and goal from the 4 for the Buckeyes. They have to put the ball in the end zone here.


That drive took 1 minute and 23 seconds.  That is what you call effective offense right there.  They have plenty of time now for the defense to come up with a big play and get the ball back.

34-37 Ohio State.  This is turning into a classic.

Michigan is starting to move the ball down field again.  Just when it looked like the Buckeyes might have them bottled up Robinson completes a 28 yard pass.  Fan-flippin-tastic.

Ohio State can’t stop Michigan’s run game right now.  They’re about to score a touchdown and put this one out of reach.  The back breaker is coming.  Ohio State needs to force a turnover.

First and goal Michigan.  You can feel it coming.

And Michigan gets a touchdown overturned, third and goal from the one yard line.  This is what this game is all about.  If Ohio State stops them here, they have a chance. If not, ball game.

And Denard Robinson runs the ball in on a boot leg… but what’s this?  A flag!  TWO FLAGS!

Michigan just got 25 yards worth of penalties on 1 play.  3rd and goal from the Ohio State 26… Holy crap!  Michigan doesn’t get this they’re looking at a 43 yard field goal…

Incomplete pass!  Here we go…  The field goal is good, but they only have a 6 point lead.  Ohio State has a chance!

Ohio State will start from their own 20 yard line.  It’s time for Braxton Miller to become a man.

Braxton Miller made one hell of an effort on that drive, but it wasn’t enough as he throws an interception to end it.  The streak is over.  Michigan finally beats Ohio State by a final score of 40-34.

So congratulations Michigan.  You were bound to get one on us eventually.  The good news though… the rivalry appears to be back!



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