Miracles Can Happen; Browns Defeat Jaguars

So just when we think things can’t possibly get any worse, the Browns go and pull of a stunt like this…

And totally redeem themselves!

The Browns won yesterday reminding all of us what it feels like to actually win an NFL game.  It was close and came down the final play of the game, but all that matters is they got the W.  So what if they nearly sent half of their fan base into cardiac arrest on that final drive and tried to find another agonizing way to lose a football game.  They won and we can all bask in the glory that is a victory Monday.

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I predicted this game about as accurately as you possibly can predict a football game.  Let’s go to the video tape… and by the video tape I mean allow me to copy and paste what I said would happen yesterday morning.

So what happens… I think this is going to be another low scoring affair, but I think the Browns might actually win this one.  It’ll be close and probably come down to the very end, but I’ll go out on a limb and say the Browns win 16-14… Yes, Browns fans… that means they score a touchdown!

I am a genius.

I predicted 16-14, it ended up being 14-10.  I predicted it would come down to the very end, Jacksonville had the ball 3rd and game from the 1 yard line with 3 seconds to go.  I predicted the Browns would score a touchdown… They scored two.  I love it when a plan comes together.

Yesterday, the Browns  sounded a lot better than they have in previous weeks.  I say sounded because I had to listen to the game on the radio rather than watching some live internet stream from Eastern Europe.  Apparently this matchup was so awful not even people in the Ukraine wanted to watch it.  Regardless,  the Browns offense actually moved the ball and showed some resemblance of progress.

The offensive line, which has been God awful for so much of this season, played unbelievable.  They protected Colt McCoy and allowed him the time to sit back in the pocket, read the defense, and make some throws.  They also opened up holes in the run game and as a result, Chris Ogbennaya ran wild for 100 yards and his first career touchdown (Peyton Hillis who?).  It just goes to show what can happen when the line plays well.  We always hear about how everything starts up front with the line.  Yesterday was proof of that.

Besides the offensive, major kudos has to go out to Colt McCoy.  Because of the time he was afforded back in the pocket he was able to make throws and hit receivers in stride.  The end result was arguably his best game of the season, thus far… yes, the interception was bad, but he recovered.

Josh Cribbs also made a hell of a catch in the end zone for the Browns first touchdown of the game.  Say what you will about Shurmur and his play calling so far this season, but he has made an effort to get Cribbs involved in the pass game.  That’s something we can’t necessarily say about the previous regimes.  Shurmur realizes Cribbs is one of his top playmakers and is reaping the benefits of getting the ball into his hands.

We also need to acknowledge Jordan Norwood.  He’s really come into his own over the course of the past few games.  The Browns drafted him to be the speedy, game breaking type of receiver that Desean Jackson is for the Eagles.  He showed that ability on his 51 yard reception.  He caught a beautiful pass over the middle in stride from Colt McCoy, gave a little shimmy, and was off to the races.  He got caught from behind, but that play helped put the Browns in prime position for a score.  It’s those types of plays the Browns need to continue to make if they want to survive the upcoming gauntlet to end the year.

But without a doubt, the hero of the day was the Browns defense.  They held the Jaguars in check for most of the day.  Of course, by most of the Jaguars I mean Maurice Jones-Drew.  Mojo is one of the best backs in the NFL and the Browns held him to 87 yards on the ground and only one touchdown… on which he imitated the LeBron powder toss… jackwagon…

The Browns defense showed a lot of heart in the waning seconds by preventing the Jags from scoring the go ahead touchdown.  Of course, they were helped by Jack Del Rio and his coaching staff’s incompetence.  How do you not get the ball to Jones-Drew with the game on the line?  That’s inexcusable.  If Del Rio is the coach of the Jaguars next season I think we’ll all be surprised.  Regardless, the Browns held their ground and got the win… ad that’s all that matters.

So what does it all mean?  By winning yesterday’s game the Browns kept themselves alive mathematically for the playoffs.  Granted, there isn’t a chance in hell that the Browns win their final 6 games, finish the year 10-6, and make the playoffs… but we can dare to dream.  In all honesty though, it shows that the Browns are making progress and learning how to win.

Baby steps people… baby steps.


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