One Year Down…

Dear Readers,

365 days, 312 posts, 282 comments, and almost 20,000 site visits later.. we’ve arrived.  Today, November 15, 2011 marks one year to the day that Die-Hard Night launched.  Crazy how time flies.

Over the course of the past year this site has gone from a few visits per day to well over 100 visits per day and growing.  I realize that in the grand scheme of things, i.e. how large the internet is and how many people have access to the internet, that doesn’t seem like much, but I literally started at 0 people per day.  Zip.  Zilch.  Nada.  The fact this site has gotten to where it’s gotten in this time is mind-boggling to me.  So in all honesty, thank you to those of you who are regular visitors.  Thanks to those of you who show up occasionally.  Thanks to those who have come to this page completely on accident or who have found this page today for the first time.  Sincerely… thank you.

It’s been a crazy year with a lot of ups and downs.  We’ve seen the Cavs flounder in their first year without LeBron, the Indians rose from the ashes to turn in a year that exceeded everyone’s expectations, and the Browns… well the Browns are still the Browns.  There have been a lot of other stories I’ve focused on.  Some of them have been funny and in good fun, others have been sad and shown us all exactly where sports should fall in terms of priorities.  I’ve tried to cover it all.  I’ve tried to be fair and honest.  Most importantly, I’ve tried to have fun with this, because after all… sports are supposed to be fun.

So as I look back on year. I can’t help but look forward to what lies ahead in the future.  Hopefully in 365 days I’m writing an update similar to this one saying how awesome year two has been.  Once again, I want to thank everyone who has come to this site and read my ramblings, those of you who have gone the extra mile to comment and spark conversation and everyone out there in the Twittersphere who has helped spread the word and kept me motivated to keep going.

Seriously… Thank you.



P.S.  How about some Happy Birthday music from one of my favorite bands, NOFX.


3 thoughts on “One Year Down…

  1. Many congrats on a great first year. Honestly, I can’t believe you’ve only been around for only a year. Happy birthday to Die-Hard Night anyway. Also, I celebrated one year of The News of Sports 9 days ago, so it’s only 9 days older than yours 

  2. congrats on your first anniversary. needless to say I appreciate your take on the Cleveland sports arena. hopefuly this next year there will be more to celebrate. keep up the good writing and insight.

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