Week 10: Rams vs. Browns

This… is going to be an ugly game.  The Browns are 3-5.  The Rams are 1-7.  There might be a total of 8 people watching this game today.

Both teams have looked hideous this season for the most part.  The Browns, as we’re all well aware, haven’t been able to move the ball consistently on offense resulting in one of the worst offenses in the NFL.  The Rams, who started the year with lofty expectations, have been a complete disappointment on both sides of the ball and Sam Bradford appears to have regressed.  Needless to say, this game could turn into a 3-0 snooze fest.

So… What do the Browns need to do to win this game today?

1.  Take some chances on offense:  The Rams have one of the worst defenses in football.  Because of that and the Browns depleted running backs, they need to take chances on offense.  The Browns should mix things up a bit, take some chances, and try some trickery.  I’m not saying anything crazy, but throw the ball deep a few times, get the ball in Josh Cribbs hands, and get the Rams back on their heels.

2.  Beat up Sam Bradford:  Bradford has taken a beating this year and as a result has made a lot of mistakes.  For the Browns to have any kind of success this week, they have to put pressure on him.  If they’re able to do this, it would help take pressure off of a Browns secondary that’s been ravaged by injuries heading into this week.

3.  Protect Colt McCoy:  McCoy got the living crap beat off him last week, and the week before last week, and the week before that.  Are we sensing a pattern yet?

4.  Don’t give up big plays:  We saw what happens when the Browns give up big plays last week in Houston.  hey don’t have the fire power to catch up and the end result seems to be a complete loss of confidence by the defense… which just results in more big plays.

5.  Pray for a miracle:  I’m at a loss for what the Browns should do to win a game anymore.  Everyone seems to know what hye need to do… except for the Browns.  It’s frustrating as hell to watch.  Despite what everyone thinks and what the Browns might say in the week leading up to today’s game, it’s going to be more of the same.

What do I expect… a 17-10 loss and a lot more frustration and second guessing.  Yup, I’m excited.


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