Browns Put Up a Fight… Sort Of…

First off, I realize this is a day late.  Unfortunately, due to circumstances that in no way shape of form could be seen coming, I am now unable to access the dashboard for my sight at work.  This means I’m now unable to load new posts or update anything from my desk.  Fantastic.  Apparently work updated the internet filter and thus… I am now unable to get on ESPN, CNNSI, Yahoo Sports… you name it, I can’t access it.  This sucks.

Moving on…

The Browns… What can you really say other than, “ugh.”  That was ugly and hard to watch.  Colt played like crap, Montario Hardesty got hurt and is done for the foreseeable future, and the defense got torched in the first half.  Other than that things went great.  The weather looked awesome, the Browns white uni’s were spotless, and San Fran looked great in that classic red and gold.

But seriously, the Browns didn’t do anything to instill any kind of confidence in them moving forward.  Maybe that’s for the best.  It’s blatantly obvious that the Browns are lacking talent, especially on the offensive side of the ball.  They could use a high draft pick to help rectify that situation.  Each week we hope that the offense will show some signs of life and each week we continue to be disappointed.  Between you and me, I’m not even sure where to place the blame any more.

It would be easy to blame Colt McCoy for how bad the offense has been.  After all, he’s the quarterback.  He gets all the praise when they play well and all the ridicule when they play bad.  However, it’s hard to completely place the blame on McCoy when he’s running for his life and getting damn near murdered on three step drops and Pat Shurmur is calling for passes 8 yards behind the line of scrimmage on third and two.  That folks falls on the play caller and that person is Pat Shurmur.

Shurmur was billed as an offensive guru and molder of young quarterbacks.  We haven’t seen either.  It’s almost as if Shurmur has never ran an offense before at any level, only we know that he has.  So does it go back to the personnel he’s forced to deal with each week and the discrepancy of talent or does it reflect how poorly his preparing the team week in and week out?  Again, it’s hard to say, but trying to argue any angle results in a circular path of illogical nonsense.  I think the answer is simple…

It’s all of the above.

Shurmur’s play calling and preparation has been awful.  Colt McCoy has played like crap.  The is no talent on the offensive side of the ball.  There’s your answer.

So, the process continues… again.  It’s going to be another long nine weeks of football and a long off-season full of moves that need to be made in order to make this team better.  If not, we’ll continue to see what we saw on Sunday; a football team that is not quite ready to compete at the NFL level.  It’s time to start stock piling talent just like Detroit did for almost 10 years.  That’s the only way things will start to change.

And for the record, the 49ers are for real.


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