Quick Thoughts on a Tuesday…

I don’t have a lot of time today.  First off, work has been crazy of late.  We’ve reached peak season so my days are spent doing actual work rather than sitting in my cubicle, bored out of my mind, trying to come up with ideas and writing all day long.

Second, I can’t start anything too elaborate and finish it when I get home because well… I’m not entirely sure I’m going to go home and have internet access.  In the continuing saga that has been me versus my internet, we have reached a new stage of warfare.  I do believe this is AT&T’s version of trench warfare.  Any and all access to the internet has been eliminated due to a city-wide network problem. 

According to the two service tech that came out to my apartment on Sunday, I’m not the only one having this issue and it “should be rectified soon.”  Apparently rectify soon meant I get to go from having dial-up modem speed to no internet at all.  I swear to God, I’m about two more days away from using this space as a weapon against AT&T.  Full on blogosphere and Twitter onslaught… oh, it’s coming.  Don’t continue to mess with me AT&T… you won’t like me when I’m angry.

Anyways, here are a few quick thoughts I have for today:

1.  The Tigers are done.  I know the Rangers still have to win two more games, but with that lineup, bullpen, and the injuries the Tigers are dealing with right now I don’t see how the Rangers blow this.  In fact, I don’t see how they don;t lose the whole damn thing.

2.  Milwaukee and St. Louis is going to go seven games and the ride is going to be fun.  These teams hate one another.  I’m openly rooting for the Brewers.  They went all in with Fielder in what is more than likely his last season in Milwaukee and as someone who knows the pain of losing stars to free agency, I hope it works out for them.  My only issue with the Brewers is when they get a lead it’s like a party, when they fall behind they lose all energy and just look depressing.  That’s not a good sign.

3.  The Lions… wow!  They’re for real.  That team is absolutely scary on both sides of the ball.  The only thing they really have going against them is inexperience on a larger stage (something that showed last night early in the game) and the fact that they share a division with the Packers.  How awesome does that Thanksgiving Day matchup look right now.  Oh, and for everyone that was crying out for the Lions to lose the Thanksgiving Day game when they were awful… shove it.  This is why they kept it.  It was only a matter of time.

4.  The NBA cancelled the first two weeks of the season.  Why don’t they just do us all a favor and go ahead and cancel the first three months while they’re at it.  That’s where this is headed and to try to pretend like it’s not it a total joke.  We aren’t getting NBA basketball until at least January, if at all… Not that anyone cares, but we should.  This is the best crop of talent in at least a decade and we might lose a complete year of it.  If I were you I’d start placing bets now on which star player is going to pull a Shawn Kemp and come into training camp at 300+ lbs.  Right now, my money is on either Vince Carter, he was headed there already, or Carmello Anthony.

5.  Marcus Bernard… what the hell were you thinking?  Idiot.

6.  AT&T… I hate you.


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