Wordless Wednesday: Injury Report Edition

Injuries… the bane of fantasy football teams everywhere…including my own.

Andre Johnson... done till week 8


Jamaal Charles... done for the year


Kenny Britt... done for the year


Arian Foster... dinged up but finally healthy... maybe


Antonio Gates... the dreaded plantar flaciitis


Yup... things are going this well for everyone

3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Injury Report Edition

  1. My wife has Andre Johnson on her Fantasy team. It has been a rough week around the house. She already had felt the wrath of the injury bug when Miles Austin went down. I am lighting candles for their speedy return…but not until after our teams meet…

    1. I’ve actually been really lucky on the injury front. andre johnson and antonio gates are the only two of those I have and it’s in separate leagues. my achilles heal so far has been the crappy performance of my top pick, rashard mendenhall, in one league and getting autodrafted Peyton Manning in my other… thus forcing me to bust out some jorts and a gators jersey and go all in on rex grossman. fun times.

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