Surviving the Post Holiday Work Week


If you’re reading this, odds are you survived another Labor Day weekend celebration.  Well, maybe survived.  Regardless, you’ve made it to Tuesday in some way shape or form, so kudos to you.

Of course this presents a problem in and of itself.  I usually find that the weeks following a three-day weekend tend to drag on forever.  It’s a completely odd phenomenon that no one as really tried to explain.  Maybe there is no explanation.  I have no idea.  I just know that for whatever the reason, when you shorten a work week from 5 days to 4 days, it feels like you’ve stretched it from 5 days to 7.

So where am I going with this?

Well, I gave you some do’s and don’ts for surviving Labor Day weekend so I figured I should also provide some tips for surviving the post holiday work week.

1.  Coffee is your friend.  You spent the weekend partying hard so chances are your body clock is completely out of whack.  Fueling yourself with excess amounts of caffeinated goodness is the only way you’re going to avoid slipping into a coma at your cubicle or in one of those big meetings you’ve come to despise.  But be careful.  You have to be wary of that thin line of too much and just enough caffeine.  No one likes the person in the office who doesn’t pause or put spaces between words when talking.  Also… coffee breath is in play.  Stock up on gum.

2.  Get in some good workouts.  Because of your lack of sleep over the weekend its more than likely you’ll have less patience and be prone to angry and violent outbursts of rage  aimed at your incompetent co-workers.  To combat this, take time for you.  Get in a few good workouts, release some endorphins, and channel that rage into a positive direction.  Also, if you end up punching your boss in the face you could end up with bigger issues to worry about.  That is unless you like being escorted from the building by security.

3.  Space out your work and pace yourself.  Sure you get work done ahead of time most days, but what good is it to get it all done by 10 AM and then spend the rest of the day staring off into space as time drags by at half speed?  Space the work out and make it last.  Not only might it help the days go by faster, but it will also help make it look like you’re not procrastinating with YouTube or… or other less appropriate sites if you’re “that guy.”  By “that guy” I mean the guy that looks at stuff you shouldn’t be looking at while you’re at work only everyone knows it and it’s really, really uncomfortable.

4.  Talk people into going out for lunch.  Yes, I know, money is tight.  This week you can make an exception.  Invite people to go out to lunch, or try to talk that big meeting into a lunch meeting offsite.  If you sit at your desk eating your ham and cheese on white you’re only going to kill an hour of your day on lunch.  But… if you go out with a group there’s a very good chance you can stretch lunch into the 2-2.5 hour range.  Congratulations, you’ve killed 25% of your day with lunch.  If you’re really struggling for cash, ask someone higher up than you on the food chain who has an expense account.  Expense accounts equal free lunches.

5.  I know I told you to space out your work, but what if it’s just one of those weeks where there is no work to do?  Time to surf the web.  Explore YouTube and its limitless potential.  If you can’t get on YouTube because your workplace sucks try Wikipedia.  You can kill hours falling down the rabbit hole that is Wikipedia with all of the links within the articles.  Not part of an internet forum?  Well, find a sight for something you like, sign up, and spend your day arguing with teenagers and unemployed bums arguing everything from Star Wars to Potent Potables.


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