Indians Win in 16 Innings

Last night, the Indians managed to pull out an improbable win in 16 hard-fought innings.  Both bullpens were highly impressive.  The Indians didn’t give up a run after the 4th.  The A’s bullpen retired 24 straight Indians, 1 inning shy of a perfect game.  You don’t ever see pitching that good from two teams in one game.

The hero of course was Jack Hannahan.  He went 3 for 7 with 2 solo home runs and three RBI.  He almost single-handedly pushed the Indians to victory.  His solo shot in the 6th tied the game at three and his single in the bottom of the 16th scored Cord Phelps to win it.  Of course, video evidence shows Phelps might have been out, but I’m not going to argue the result.  A win is a win and I’ll take it.

Of course on the down side, the Tigers also won… again.  The Indians just can’t gain any ground on the Tigers, no matter how well they play.  The best they can do is to keep winning and hope for the best.  They’ll get their shot today as they’re taking on the A’s this afternoon.  If they can get a sweep and have some serious momentum heading into Kansas City this weekend, next week against Detroit could be very interesting.


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