Fausto Carmona Dominates White Sox

If someone would like to tell me where the hell that performance from Fausto Carmona came from I would greatly appreciate it.  The man was phenomenal last night pitching 8.1 innings allowing 1 run on 4 hits.  It was especially surprising Carmona’s struggles against the Chicago White Sox.  Actually, the word struggle could be considered a bit of an understatement.  They’ve absolutely tattooed him this year.

The pitcher we saw last night was vintage Fausto, circa 2007 when he went 19 and 8 with an ERA just over 3.  There’s never been any denying the talent which Carmona possesses.  He has all the makings of being a great pitcher when he’s in command of his pitches and his sinker ball is working.  The problem has been focus and concentration.  We’ve seen glimpses of vintage Carmona at times this year, but never for an entire game.  Typically, he would get off to a good start and then around the 3rd or 4th inning implode.  The fact that he avoided the transformation from Fausto Carmona into Fausto Crapola is huge for the Indians.

Look at the potential rotation the Indians are working with should they actually pull this thing off and make it to the playoffs.  In no particular order the Indians would be able to roll out: Ubaldo Jimenez, Justin Masterson, Fausto Carmona, Josh Tomlin, and David Huff or Carlos Carrasco.  Think about that for a second.  Think about the years each of them is having and how good each has been when they’re on top of their game and commanding their pitches.

Seriously, think about that for a second.  I’ll wait…

That is a potentially terrifying rotation.  Yes, I know most teams go to a three or four man rotation once the playoffs start.  That just means one or two of those guys is available to work long relief out of what is already one of the best bullpens in all of baseball.  Think they Indians don’t have a shot in hell to win this entire thing?  Think again.  Think about the Giants from last season.  They were and, for the most part, still are everything the Indians have been this year.  No one gave them a shot in hell to win the World Series last year because of their offense, or lack there of.  Well, when it comes to playoff baseball, it always comes down to pitching.

Meanwhile, the win last night, coupled with the Tigers loss puts the Indians within 2 games of first.  If they play their cards right, there’s no reason come Monday the Indians can’t be in first place.  Throw in the fact that the Tigers probably won’t be able to throw Verlander at the Indians over the weekend and things are beginning to go our way.  Of course, given the way we ended up losing on Tuesday, the baseball gods owe us some form of retribution. 

If that means not facing Verlander in a must win situation… I’ll take it.


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