Are the Indians Done?

So the Indians got annihilated last night by the Royals. To make matters worse, Melky Cabrera, the subject of possible India.s trade rumors smacked a third inning grand slam off of Carlos Carrasco. Meanwhile, the Tribe’s newest acquisition, Kosule Fukudome, went 0 for 4 and didn’t impress anyone in his Cleveland debate. There is still speculation that the Indians are still pursuing Ryan Ludwick. Is it really worth the time and effort or are the Indians finally done?

At this point, I’m not sure. Every time the Indians look down for the count this year they’ve bounced right back. This time it looks different. They look lile a team that has been beaten down and running out of gas. They aren’t hitting at all, their defensive play is falling apart, and the pitching has begun showing signs of wear and tear. I’m not 100% sure making another move is worth it. At the time of the Fukudome trade I was beginning to have doubts and after the past two games they have been amplified.

They’ve had a great year and it’s been a blast following them on the journey thus far, bit this is the first time to the rodeo for a lot of these guys and its showing. The stakes are raised with each and every game and each and every move their competition makes. In fact, the Tigers added Doug Fister this morning to solidify their rotation. They just added another poker chip to the pot. So is this game getting too rich for the Indians? Should they quit while they’re ahead and fold? I have a hard time saying they should fold but it doesn’t look good right now.

They need to bounce back today and tomorrow against the Royals. If not, they risk putting themselves in a huge hole with both the Rangers and Red Sox looming on the schedule. Come a week from tomorrow the dream of an Indian summer may be just that… a dream. So this is it.  It’s time for the Indians to man up and make one last push otherwise it’ll be another long offseason of wondering what might have been.


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