Live Blogging Indians vs. Angels

The Indians are taking on the Angels today in the rubber match of their three game series.  The Indians won game one in dramatic fashion and the Angels won a very close game two.  Today’s game will pit David Huff against Ervin Santana.  Like always with weekday day games I’m going to live blog this one.

And away we go…

12:25:  Ok so I’m a little late getting on this.  It’s the top of the second and the Indians already have a 1-0 lead on the Angels.  Ezequiel Carrera got to first on an error by Manny Aybar, stole second, got to third on an out by Michael Brantley, and then scored from third on a passed ball.  Say what you want about Carrera and his erratic play, but speed kills and he has plenty of it.  That entire series of events was a direct result of him having one hell of a set of wheels.  Meanwhile, after Carrera got on base the Indians went in order, so that’s a little troubling.  The clock is ticking Chris Antonetti.  Make a move for a bat.

12:31:  David Huff gets through another inning without giving up a run.  If he can somehow continue this pace and turn in another quality outing it could dramatically increase his value and make him an attractive trade piece.  We’ve seen both side of the David Huff coin.  With the Indians he’s been both terrible and unhittable.  It would make sense to try and trade him before he falls apart again.  Besides, with Drew Pomeranz waiting in the wings and the rest of the Indians stable of arms, isn’t Huff expendable?

12:34:  Matt LaPorta is up to bat with two down.  LaPorta is becoming an interesting subject in terms of the Indians future.  Is this guy ever going to be the monster power hitter everyone believed he would be?  At this point can he even become an above average RBI threat?  I’m not sure.  While part of me thinks he still needs time to develop at the big league level (this is really only his first full year in which he’s been guaranteed a spot in the everyday lineup) another part of me feels like he’s becoming a broken record.  There seems to have been no real progression from when he made his debut.  He still strikes out too much, he doesn’t really generate quality at bats, and he never has a stretch that makes you think he’s special.  Of course the day the Indians give up on him is the day it’ll all come together.  For examples see Ryan Ludwick, Brian Giles, Richie Sexson, Russell Branyan… I can keep going if I really needed to, but I don;t want to spiral into a depression.  LaPorta strikes out and we head to the top of the third still up 1-0.

12:41:  Mike Trout comes up to bat and beats out a ground ball hit to Lonnie Chisenhall at third.  Mike Trout is the Angels super star in the making, blue chip prospect.  He’s only 19 years old and is already at the big league level so that should tell you something.  He has all the makings of being a really great player.  He’s a combination of size, speed, and power that many compare to Mickey Mantle.  I never saw Mantle play, but I know enough to know that that’s quite the compliment.

12:44:  Despite two errors in the inning, David Huff escapes unscathed yet again.  He’s painting the corners and not allowing the Angels hitters to get comfortable at the plate.  On second thought, maybe the Indians need to hold onto Huff at all costs if he’s going to pitch like this.  In other news, the Blue Jays have made a trade with the White Sox.  The White Sox will send pitcher Edwin Jackson and utility man Mark Teahen to the Blue Jays for pitchers Jason Frasor and Zach Stewart.  The Blue Jays are then going to flip Jackson and pitchers Marc Rzepczynski and Octavio Dotel to the Cardinals for outfielder Colby Rasmus.  That’s a huge deal.  Rasmus is a big talent who has shown flashes of greatness with St. Louis but has never really meshed with Tony LaRussa.  A change of scenery should do him good.  We head to the top of the third 1-0 Indians.

1:09:  The Indians are in trouble.  Peter Bourjos leads off the top of the 5th with a stand up triple.  Odds are favorable that the Angels are going to tie this game up, especially since the Indians appear to be conceeding the run given their infield alignment.  And just like that Mike Trout hits a sac fly to center field .  We’re officially tied 1-1.

1:18:  We’re headed to the bottom of the 5th with the score tied at 1 apiece.  Looking at the box score I just realized the Indians are being no hit at the moment.  How often do you actually see a team score a run while they’re being no hit?  You can now make it no hits through 5 innings.  The Indians went 1, 2, 3 on what seemed like maybe six pitches.  Do I need to say it again?  I mean really, do I?  I feel like Buffalo Bill from silence of the Lambs and I’m holding Chris Antonetti hostage down in the pit in my basement until he makes a trade.  It puts the lotion on it’s skin or else it gets the hose again…


1:22:  Torii Hunter leads off with a double.  Great, this is shaping up to be another awesome inning.  Stay tuned…

1:29:  After the leadoff double, Huff got Vernon Wells to pop up on one pitch, gave up a single to Howie Kendrick to put runners at first and third with one out, and then struck out Mark Trumbo.  With two out, Manny Acta has made the call to the pen to bring in submarine style righty, Joe Smith.  I’m debating whether or not this is a good move.  Huff has been solid today and has looked good after the double, but Smith has also had an amazing year so far.  Can’t blame him for making the move.

1:33:   unbelievable.  Torii Hunter scores on a passed ball by Carlos Santana.  The Angels take a 2-1 lead and then Smith strikes out Bourjos to end the inning.  Epic fail on all accounts.  I’d say it’s no big deal, but given the fact the Indians are being held hitless right now and haven’t really hit all series long… I’m worried.

2:01:  So now I’m busy with work stuff, so the updates are going to slow a lot, but all you need to know is the Indians are still hitless… Anyone else see where this is headed?  In other news, apparently the Indians were prepared to pay all of Carlos Beltran’s salary and extend it, but his agent, Scott Boras aka Darth Vader, didn’t relay the info to him.  Right now the leader in the Beltran sweepstakes appears to be the San Francisco Giants.  That would certainly make Showtimes’ The Franchise a lot more interesting, not that it isn’t already.  Great show. I highly recommend it.

2:17:  This is over.  Still no hits, but they do have 4 errors and a passed ball.  It’s now 3-1 Angels.  This is just ugly.

2:20:  Make that 5 errors… ugh

2:26:  And here we go.  It’s the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs and the Indians still have no hits…it’s up to Michael Brantley.

2:28:  And there it is.  Brantley hits a fly ball to left to end it.  Ervin Santana no hits the Indians.  It’s the first time the Indians have been no hit in 18 years.  The last time that happened it was against the one-handed wonder, Jim Abbott.  Of course there was the unofficial perfect game last year in Detroit that didn’t count on account of crappy umpiring.  Oh well, the Indians fall to the Angels by a score of 3-1.  Can we please trade for a bat already?


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