Fausto Carmona… There Are No Words

Fausto Carmona… What the hell?

It would be awesome if Fausto Carmona could manage a start where he doesn’t suddenly implode.  Last night took the cake.  After the Indians managed to slug themselves out to a fairly sizeable lead, Fausto coughed it all right back up and them some.  Despite the fact that he was cruising along and seemingly had the Rockies in the palm of his hand, everything turned itself upside down in the 5th inning… with two outs none the less.  That can’t happen.

The most frustrating part is that Carmona was basically out of the inning, then he walked the #9 hitter.  You can’t walk the #9 hitter.  That’s just asking for trouble.  His second and most absurd mistake… walking Todd Helton… with the bases loaded… and Troy Tulowitzki on deck…

That sound you just heard was me smacking myself as hard as humanly possible in the forehead.

Of course Tulo came up and delivered a freak 2 run double off of the third base bag.  Thank you everybody and good night.  Carmona didn’t last long after that.  Something about giving up a three run jack to Jason Giambi and then a single to keep the inning alive didn’t endear Carmona to Acta.  Of course, Carmona’s ass went to the bench and the bullpen proceeded to be spectacular yet again.  Kinda, sorta, almost makes you wonder why Acta stuck with Carmona as long as he did.  Once the implosion started it should have become apparent that he wasn’t getting out of that jam.

I’m not sure what the Indians can do with Carmona at this point.  They can’t afford to discard him and can they really ruin his fragile ego by sending him to the bull pen to pitch in blowouts?  I don’t think so.  It would seem like Manny Acta’s quote that “Carmona’s pitching again in 5 days and that’s the solution.  What other options do we have.”  Great.  Grand.  Wonderful.

These games matter.  When the Indians end up a game behind Detroit at the end of the year we can all look back at one of those games that got away.  The Indians could have won this game, actually, they should have won this game.  They scored 7 runs.  With that bull pen there is no reason they should lose a game like that.  Completely frustrating all around.

Unrelated note… our second baseman is playing third base and our catcher is playing first base… what the hell is going on?

Meanwhile, Pronk continues to go all Pronk on opposing pitchers, Carlos Santana is on a tear all of the sudden, and even Shin-Soo Choo is showing signs of life.  These are all positive signs moving forward, that is, provided they can get the starting rotation back in order.

Speaking of struggling starting pitchers… Mitch Talbot is on the bump tonight… WOO!

Here are the lineups…


  1. Michael Brantley, CF
  2. Cord Phelps, 2B
  3. Asdrubal Cabrera, SS
  4. Travis Hafner, DH
  5. Shin-Soo Choo, RF
  6. Carlos Santana, 1B
  7. Travis Buck, LF
  8. Jack Hannahan, 3B
  9. Lou Marson, C
  • Mitch Talbot, P


  1. Carlos Gonzalez, CF
  2. Jonathan Herrera, 2B
  3. Todd Helton, 1B
  4. Troy Tulowitzki, SS
  5. Jason Giambi, DH
  6. Seth Smith, RF
  7. Ty Wiggington, 3B
  8. Charlie Blackmon, LF
  9. Chris Iannetta, C
  • Jhoulys Chacin, P

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