Quick Thoughts on Game 7

I watched Game 7 last night, just I said I was going to.  Here are a few quick thoughts:

  1. Watching the pregame festivities I didn’t think there was any way Vancouver was going to lose Game 7.  I didn’t necessarily feel that way because of what I was seeing on the faces of the players, but what I was hearing from the fans.  They were going nuts.  I’ve never seen a crowd so fired up before.  There was definitely a sense of “we got this” and the celebration had already begun.  The only way they weren’t going to play a factor was if Boston got out to an early lead.
  2. Unlike most game 7’s there wasn’t really a feeling out period early in the game.  These two teams went at it as soon as the puck dropped and were aggressive in getting shots on net.  They were also hitting early and often.
  3. The Bruins got out to an early lead and sure enough, the Vancouver fans began pooping themselves.  After the first goal they got a little quiet.  They weren’t out of it by any means, but it definitely quieted.  They knew it wasn’t going to take many goals to win this thing either way and they were already in the hole.  As soon as Boston scored their second goal, the party was officially over.  When the third goal got by Luongo, the people of Vancouver began planning their impending riot.
  4. I don’t necessarily feel like Luongo was completely to blame for Vancouver’s loss.  Yes, he gave up four goals, but the first two I don’t place squarely on him (The third goal was inexcusable.  Yes, it was a shorthanded breakaway but Bergeron didn’t actually get a shot off.  He was taken down, they collided and the puck squeaked by Luongo.  That can’t happen).  Daniel Sedin wasn’t physical enough on the face off that led to the first Boston goal.  To top it off, you can see on the replay that Luongo never saw the puck coming.  He was completely screened by a Bruin and two teammates.  On the second goal, Luongo got himself out of position, but should have been able to get back to stop the puck… if on of his teammates hadn’t gotten in his way.
  5. The Sedin Brothers… where you guys go?  You’re supposed to be two of the best players in the world and you completely disappeared in the Finals.  Four points total between the two of you and three of them came when games had already been decided.  That’s not good enough.  I think it’s at this point where we all make a joke about the two of you going out and getting some pizza and going bowling with LeBron.
  6. Tim Thomas… man’s game.  Thomas was incredible all series long and never better than he was in game 7.  How good was Thomas?  He allowed 8 goals in the seven game series.  That’s a new record for fewest goal allowed by a goalie in a Stanley Cup Final starting all seven games.  To no one’s surprise, Thomas won the Con Smythe Trophy as playoff MVP.
  7. Patrice Beregeron came up clutch as well.  He scored two goals last night, and in all honesty they were probably the two biggest goals of the game.  He scored the first goal of the game that helped put silence the rowdy Vancouver crowd and put the Canucks back on their heels.  Then he scored the third goal which was in essence the nail in the coffin.  Vancouver had no chance of coming back from a three goal deficit with one period to go.
  8. To the city of Vancouver…  What the hell are you people thinking?  I thought Canadians were supposed to be a kind and friendly people.  Apparently all of that goes out the window when you lose game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals.  After the game everyone rioted, looted, and started setting fires.  Seriously, what the hell were you thinking?  Someone was even shot and killed during the insanity.  Step your game up Vancouver and learn how to lose with some class.  I know you have had a “tortured existence” over the past 40 years in the NHL, but as a Clevelander who has seen more than his fair share of heartbreak and never once felt the need to flip a car.  Get over yourselves.  You should be embarrassed.  You lost.  Big deal.
  9. Also, Vancouver really, really doesn’t like Gary Bettman… wow.  Never heard someone get booed like that before.
  10. Congratulations, Boston.  You won the cup.  That also means you’ve won at least one title in all four of the major sports in the past 10 years.  You can never complain about anything involving sports ever again.  Never, ever again.  Regardless, enjoy your parade.



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