Miami Heat Playing the Role of WWE Heal; Openly Mock Dirk on Camera

The Miami Heat complain that we don’t like them.  They whine and cry that the world is only happy when they lose.  The Big Three sulk that all season long they’ve been booed, jeered, and belittled for their decision to come together for the greater good of the concept of team work.

Me personally, I say why the hell don’t you all just shut up and play basketball and remind us all of why at one point we all pretty much liked you.  Make us forget how and why we hate you and ball it up.  I never had a problem with any of the three prior to their decision to come together.  Now I can’t stand the sight of them.

Then a funny thing happened.  Thanks to his play in these Finals, I began thinking to myself, “You know what?  I really don’t mind Dwyane Wade.  In fact, I think I kinda like him as a basketball player again.”  Wade has channeled his inner Jordan these past few games.  You can tell he absolutely does not want to lose.  He had kinda, sorta, almost won me over with his play.

And then I saw this clip today.  It basically looks like a crappy WWE promo you’d see on any edition of Monday Night Raw.  In it, Lebron and Wade are walking down the entrance hallway of the arena in Dallas and begin openly mocking Dirk and his 102 degree fever from game 4.  They then proceed to readjust their hats about 437 times.  As if that’s not enough, they then throw in a joke about New Balances and do this awkward half hug thing.  With the way they were laughing you’d swear they had just created the world’s next greatest joke.  In 1 minute any and all good will I had begun to develop towards D-Wade had been destroyed.  LeBron didn’t do himself any favors either.  Socks with sandals… really?

Here’s the clip… Be warned, the levels of douchebaggery are off the charts.


One thought on “Miami Heat Playing the Role of WWE Heal; Openly Mock Dirk on Camera

  1. This was the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen this NBA season. Why on earth would the Heat do this? Stupid. I fully hope now that Dallas crushes them in Game 6. The Heat deserve that. Idiots.

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