And so Begins the Apocalypse

Peyton Hillis is on the cover of Madden 12… The Indians are in first place and the best team in the American League, if not all of baseball…. The Cleveland Cavaliers won the #1 overall pick in the draft…

The world should be coming to an end any day now.  The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are probably saddling up and getting ready to lay waste to our world.  It only seems natural.  Too much is going Cleveland’s way right now.

How insane was last night?  The Cavs had two chances to secure the #1 overall pick in the upcoming NBA Draft and somehow, someway, the ping-pong balls fell the right way.  Nick Gilbert, Dan Gilbert’s 14 year old son came through in the clutch.  Dan Gilbert said he was his own personal lucky charm.  Boy, was he ever right!  Throw in the fact that Bernie Kosar, Joe Haden, and Josh Cribbs were all in attendance and last night was a total Cleveland love fest.

The most surprising part of the entire thing was that the Cavs didn’t win the top pick with their own draft pick.  Rather, it was the pick they acquired from the Clippers in the Baron Davis for Mo Williams and Jamario Moon.  The pick that had a 2.8% chance of landing at #1.  That’s the pick that hit at #1.  Unbelievable.

The Cavs own pick, which had the second best chance of hitting #1 at 19% landed at #4.  Think about that for a second.  The Cavs just secured the first and fourth overall picks in the 2011 NBA Draft.  Provided they don’t find a way to screw this up, the Cavs will receive and instant influx of talent that was so badly missing from the roster this past season.  More than likely this means the Cavs will be selecting Kyrie Irving with the first overall pick to be the point guard of the future under Byron Scott.

This is really good news considering Scott’s track record.  In each of his first two coaching stops he endured awful first seasons.  In his second season in New Jersey the Nets acquired Jason Kidd via trade.  That one worked out pretty well if you ask me.  In his second year with New Orleans, the Hornets selected Chris Paul.  Again, how’s that one working out?  It’s not like Chris Paul is one of the top point guards in basketball right now.  Under Scott it looked like the Hornets would be a super power until he lost the team in year four, or five.  His system is predicated by the point guard.  Irving is a no brainer.

There are other more interesting scenarios that the Cavs could use in the upcoming draft.  I’m sure they’ll present themselves in the coming weeks ahead as all of this continues to shake itself out as teams work out the players and start jostling for position.  Things won’t get as crazy and ridiculous as the NFL Draft, but given the stakes for the Cavs it might start to feel that way as anyone and everyone begins to break it down.  I’m not going to lie, I’ll be one of those doofuses, but for the time being I’m just going to savor this small victory.

Oh and by the way… the Indians won last night 7-3 to sweep the two game series from the Royals.  They had to Chicago tonight to take on the White Sox for the first time since the opening series of the season.  Let’s hope things go better for them this time around in another odd two game series.

But whatever, right now all I have to say is… GO CAVS!


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