Learning Our Fate

Tonight the NBA holds its annual draft lottery. Basically some balls go in a hopper, they come out of a hopper and when it’s all said and done the draft order for all the teams to miss the playoffs is determined. How the hell they actually come up with the order seems to be rigged most years. If that’s the case sweet justice would favor the Cavs and one of their two picks hitting the top spot. The other conspiracy theory would involve the Kings. They might be moving, they might not be moving… who knows. But if they get the top pick it’ll be very interesting to say the least.

Like I said the Cavs have two chances to get the top spot. They own their own pick which can’t fall lower than 5 and the Clippers pick that can’t fall below 11. Sounds great, then you realize this draft has no stars in it and after the first 2 or 3 players it’s a total crap shoot. With Cleveland’s luck we’ll land 4 and 8. I have faith though. I’m expecting a big splash tonight so I have my fingers crossed.

It all goes down at 8:30 so expect my reaction sometime shortly after good or bad plus an analysis of who I think the Cavs will end up taking.


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