Ass Kicking 101

Last night the Indians played the Kansas City Royals and well… it was a massacre, but in the greatest of ways.  The Indians killed the Royals last night 19-1.

19-1… Are you kidding me!?!?  Apparently they were a bit frustrated from the extra days off thanks to mother nature.

Everything that could have gone wrong for the Royals went wrong.  Starter Kyle Davies only pitched .1 of an inning and looked terrible.  His velocity was down and he just didn’t look right.  It really put KC in a bind forcing their bullpen to get the remaining 26 outs of the game.  That’s tough for any team.  It’s especially made harder when the bullpen implodes on the epic scale that they did last night.

All the credit has to go to the Indians.  They were a machine last night with big hit after big hit driving in runs left and right, especially with two outs.  Last night with two outs, the Indians drove in 11 runs.  That is efficiency at its finest.  Michael Brantley, Travis Hafner, and Orlando Cabrera each had 3 2-out RBI.  Matt LaPorta chipped in with 2 2-out RBI.  When you’re doing that there’s no way you can lose.  Two out RBI are one of the most demoralizing things you can do to your opponent in all of sports.

Not to go crazy with the hitting and run scoring, but the pitching last night also has to be acknowledged.  They could just as easily gotten wrapped up in all of the run scoring, gotten lackadaisical, and turned this game into a slugfest.  Of course, they didn’t.  Josh Tomlin went out and did what Josh Tomlin does, holding the Royals to 1 run on 5 hits over the course of six innings pitched.  With the win, Tomlin ran his record to 5-1 on the year and lowered his ERA to 2.56.  Seriously, where did this guy come from?  He’s been unbelievable.  Helping close out the game were Justin Germano, Chad Durbin, and Vinnie Pestano.  Each came in and pitched one inning of scoreless, no hit relief.

Now back to the hitting…

What was surprising about last night’s game was the lack of home runs hit by the Indians.  Normally when a team puts up this kind of run total you assume they did a great deal of their damage via the long ball.  That wasn’t the case for the Indians.  They only hit one home run all night and that came off the bat of Michael Brantley in the 4th to cap a 10 run inning.  Instead, the Indians did their damage with doubles.  They hit seven of them last night. 

Often times, home runs can be rally killers.  It gets everyone off base and allows the opposing pitcher to get back into the windup and essentially start over.  Doubles are a different story.  They keep rallys alive.  The pitcher is forced to remain in the stretch and never gives the pitcher an opportunity to gather himself.  Last night’s game supports that theory.  The Indians hit seven doubles and racked up 19 runs in the process.  I’d say that’s really all the proof we need.

With the win, the Indians improved to 25-13 and combined with Detroit’s loss have built up a 4.5 game lead in the central division.  The Indians will look to get the rare 2 game sweep tonight when Carlos Carrasco takes the mound against Sean O’Sullivan.  Let’s just hope the Indians didn’t waste all of their runs last night.  Seriously, how many times have we seen teams score this many runs one night and then come back the next night and score 2?  Hopefully the Indians can avoid that trap.  We’ll just have to wait and see,


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