Indians Top Angels 4-3

Jared Weaver didn’t have his best stuff last night and the Indians took advantage.  They beat the dominant righty 4-3 and improved to 22-10 on the season.  Alex White, the Tribe’s talented top prospect got the credit for the victory, the very first of his career.  I’m willing to bet that it won’t be the last.

White pitched great last night, 6 Innings, 3 runs, and 6 strikeout.  He managed to out duel Weaver and held the lead well into the later innings allowing the bullpen to finish things off for him.  In his two starts so far he’s thrown a combined 12 innings and only given up 5 runs while striking out 10.  It’s clear early on that White has the makings of being a true ace eventually.  Couple that with what the Indians already have in the majors plus Drew Pomeranz waiting in the wings in the minors and things look very good moving forward.  Out of nowhere the Indians have acquired a large stable of power arms.

The key play of the game last night was Shin-Soo Choo’s RBI double to right.  With the Indians down 2-1 in the 5th, Choo sent a shot down the line to right.  It would plate two and put the Indians up 3-2.  Carlos Santana followed with a singled to center that would score Choo.  Needless to say, without that double the Indians do not win that game.  I pleaded and probably more or less demanded that Choo start hitting yesterday.  I’m glad he decided to respond.  I’ll take the credit for this one.  Let’s just hope he can build on this and keep momentum going.  He proved it yesterday that without him they aren’t going anywhere.

The Indians will try to win the series later today in the rubber match between Fausto Carmona and Dan Heron.  If you recall, it was this matchup earlier in the year that resulted in one of the great pitching matchups we’ve seen so far this year.  Heron threw a near no hitter and Fausto was just as good.  The Angels got two solo homers and it was good enough for the win.  Let’s hope the Indians have learned something since then and can top Hearon this time around.

First pitch is scheduled for 3:35 PM.


3 thoughts on “Indians Top Angels 4-3

  1. Baserunning has been the bane of the Angels, and last night was a prime example. Nice win for the Tribe.

    Say hello to Jake Taylor for me 🙂

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