It’s Just Those Good Vibrations

Oh yeah… sing it Marky Mark!

That’s right, I got sweat drippin’ from my pores!

WINNING!  The Indians won again yesterday afternoon and did something that they hadn’t done in 9 years… Win a series in Oakland.  In what can only be deemed one of the strangest occurrences when it comes to Indians baseball, it turns out they are absolutely terrible playing in Oakland.  It makes no sense.  Yes, the A’s have had some decent teams during that time, but not good enough to justify that kind of statistic.  Mind boggling.  Oh, and the 21-9 record ties the best start in franchise history in case anyone was wondering.  DO you need anymore reasons to go to the games?

Regardless, the Indians went into Oakland this week and won 2 out of 3.  Every game was close.  Every game was dominated by pitching and as a result every game was a nail biter.  Yesterday’s game ended up going to extra innings, just in case there wasn’t enough stress already.

The Indians won in 12 innings thanks to a short yet solid start from Jeanmar Gomez, 5.1 innings and 1 run, and the work of 6 different pitchers out of the bullpen.  Chad Durbin got credit for the win and Chris Perez, doing his best imitation of Bob Wickman, got his 9th save.  It was suspenseful and it never should have ended up going 12 innings, but they toughed it out and got the win, 4-3.

The heroes of the day were Jack Hannahan and Lou Marson.  Yes, Hannahan and Marson.  No, I am not $hitting you.  Hannahan got a bloop single to left field to score Orlando Cabrera from second and Marson singled to score Hannahan for an insurance run.  Good thing the two of them were able to come through because certain other players who shall remain nameless, SHIN-SOO CHOO, did jack squat all series long.

Not to harp on things, but would it kill Manny Acta to give Choo a day off?  It’s more than obvious that the incident that went down earlier this week is weighing on the guy.  He looks lost and not in an “I’m just in a slump right now” kind of lost.  He looks like his head is up his ass and he’s just not there.  He went 0 for the series at the plate and out in the field he made more mental mistakes than you can count on one hand.  Acta needs to give him a day off to get his mind right because right now it’s not helping anyone to keep playing the guy.

And yesterday afternoon I watched the DUI arrest video.  I wish I hadn’t.  It was tough to watch.  Choo was obviously not with it, the apparent issues with the English/Korean language barrier didn’t help things, and it was just sad to listen to him plead for some sort of leniency.  He needs to start hitting so we can all move on from this.

By the way, Choo… leftie loosey, righty tighty.  Or maybe try the index finger and thumb that makes an “L” is your left.


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