Grand Salami Time!


Indians!  Santana!  Comeback!  Grand Slam!


The Indians won last night and what a victory it was.  They were losing the majority of the game to the Tigers and had to scratch and claw all night to stay in the game.  Sorry about the bad pun there.  Detroit went up early 2-0 on a 2 run home run by Miguel Cabrera.  They went down 3-0 in the 4th when Alex Avila hit a sac fly to score Ryan Raburn.  Things weren’t looking good at all.

Tigers pitcher Max Scherzer was on top of his game.  The Indians couldn’t get much of anything going on against him.  Through the first five innings they only managed to scrounge together 2 measly hits.  Yes, 2 hits.  Scherzer was that good…until the 6th inning.  That’s when the Indians would start their assault.

With two outs in the bottom of the 6th the Indians managed to load the bases against Scherzer.  Shelley Duncan, who’s quickly turning into a folk hero, came through.  He singled scoring two, cutting the Tiger lead to 3-2.  Of course the Tigers would add 2 more runs in the following inning to make it a 5-3 games.  Things looked bleak.

In the bottom of the 7th Matt LaPorta got things going with a solo blast to left field, his forth of the year.  Can’t believe I’m saying this, but LaPorta is starting to look like a legit major league hitter.  A few batters later Grady  Sizemore would walk.  Scherzer was looking shaky.  So shaky that manager Jim Leyland would come out to the mound to talk to his young pitcher.  Everyone assumed he was coming out of the game.  A minute later Leyland turned and headed back to the dugout.  On the very next pitch Asdrubal Cabrera would tie everything up at 5 with a titanic home run to right center.  It was a brand new ball game.

Things would stay that way until the bottom of the ninth.  The Tigers would load the bases and with one out Carlos Santana came walking to the plate.  Santana, the owner of a batting average well below .200 and looking lost at the plate so far, with a few exceptions here and there, looked to be the hero.  Pitch after pitch went by until he got into the most favorable hitter’s count… 3-1.  He was looking fastball, and that’s exactly what he got.  Santana sent the 3-1 fastball halfway into the right filed stands and pandemonium ensued.  The place went nuts.  Tom Hamilton’s head sounded like it wanted to explode.  I was going nuts.  We just won this game….and we won it like that?  Wow.  Speechless.

You can’t deny that something special is going on this year at the corner or Carnegie and Ontario…


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