4/30/11: Indians vs. Tigers

Last night was awesome. Nothing really beats a walk off grand slam. Hopefully it’s enough to jump start Carlos Santana. He’s been struggling for the better part of a month. He’s shown flashes here and there that he’s ready to break out of his slump, but last night was an effing explosion. Hear’s to hoping that this is the start of a hot streak for Santana. The Indians could really use his bat.

The other worry for the Indians uas to be the ankle of Travis Hafner. He’s missed the past two games. The Indians have faired well without him though. Shelley Duncan has done a great job filling in for him. Last I heard Hafner was supposed to be back in the lineup for today’s game.

The last important note for tonight’s game is that it marks the first major league start for Indians prospect Alex White. A lot is expected out of White since he’s one of the top rated pitching prospects in the organization. I expect that to ight is going to go one of two ways. Either White pitches amazing and makes his case to stay on the big league roster and gives us a flash of the future, or he’ll be terrible. I’m pulling for the first one, but we’ll see. Should be interesting.

Normally I’d post the lineups for tonight’s game, but I’m in a car right now and typing this on my phone. Its also way too early and the lineups haven’t been released yet, so you’re all on your own for them tonight.

Let’s go Tribe!


2 thoughts on “4/30/11: Indians vs. Tigers

  1. Cleveland is getting Indians fever again and this game showed that. (Not including opening day) For the first time all season it looked like the city of Cleveland was behind this team which is great to see. Watching Carlos Santana end the game in dramatic fashion with a good amount of seats filled was great to see. Hopefully this will give him some momentum at the plate because he hasn’t been himself like you said.

    It’s just funny that the guys we thought we could count on are struggling and we are still doing well. Choo and Santana haven’t been consistent but guys like Hanahan, Laporta and the Cabreras are stepping up and keeping this train moving.

    In my opinion the pitching has been the one thing that has gotten us off to this great start. Masterson and Tomlin have consistently provided this team with some well needed starts which has been the key to our success. Its just nice to count on a couple of guys to go out there and give you a quality start and a chance to win night in and night out.

    1. I agree with what you said about the pitching. It’s been phenominal, both the starting rotation and the bullpen. I figured the bullpen would be solid, but i wasn’t prepared for how well the starting rotation would be performing. It’s almost like it’s been contagious. Eveyone is pitching well, then when you think they’ll have a hiccup when they call someone up to fill in they pitch well too. Jeanmar Gomez and Alex White have been great thus far filling in for Talbot and Carrasco. Im speachless, I really am. Can’t put into words how much fun I’m having following and writing about this team on a daily basis.

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