Well, That Was Fun…

The Indians finally lost a baseball game.  In their defense, this one of those situations where you just have to tip your cap to the opposing pitcher.  While Fausto Carmona pitched 7.2 innings only making two mistakes, Dan Heron was nearly unhittable.  Heron pitched a complete game one hit shut out to finally cool off the surging Tribe.  That’s baseball for you.  The Indians were hotter than anyone in baseball except for maybe the Rangers, but they ran into a buzz saw.  In fact, no team would have fared much better tonight.  Heron was that good.

It was a well played game by the Tribe.  Like I said, Fausto pitched great.  His only mistakes were two pitches pulled down the line and over the wall in left for home runs.  2-0 Angels.  Ball Game.  It does continue the Indians run of solid pitching.  If not for Heron’s near perfection, the Indians very well could have won the game tonight.  So am I upset they lost?  Sure.  Am I worried that we’ve been exposed as frauds?  Not in the slightest.

The key for the Indians will be whether or not they can shake off tonight’s game and piss poor result and get back at it tomorrow.  The last thing they want to do is turn around after an 8 game winning streak and follow it up with a 7 game losing streak.  They need to forget about tonight, realize that these things happen and move on.  It’s not like Heron is a slouch either.  He’s a #1 in the rotation type of guy, a cy young caliber pitcher and an all-star.  This is what he’s supposed to do to teams.

I also blame myself for the loss.  I can;t help but feel I’m partly responsible.  This was the first time all year where I wasn’t able to posy a pregame article with the lineups.  I’m superstitious like that and as Crash Davis once said, “You don’t mess with a streak.”  So uhhh my bad, guys… my bad.


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