Indians Go Off, Crush Mariners

Here’s the deal… It’s late, I’m tired, and quite frankly, all you need to know about this game is that Carlos Carrasco pitched beautifully, the Indians offense was firing on all gears, and Travis Hafner hit a ball so hard and far you’d swear it was 2006 all over again.  The Indians won tonight 12-3 and it wasn’t anywhere near as close as the score indicated.  If not for Frank Herrmann having a less than impressive 9th inning, this would have been a bigger rout.

Things got started with an Asdrubal Cabrera home run to lead off the first, and then in the fourth the Indians exploded.  By the time the third out was recorded the Indians had racked up 10 runs and put the game out of reach.  The exclamation point of the inning came on a 2-0 pitch to Travis Hafner with 2 men on.  Hafner turned on the inside fastball, gave a mighty, Paul Bunyan like swing, and BAM!… the ball flew out to right field and didn’t stop traveling until it hit the glass facing of the restaurant in the second deck.  Dare I say it, but… Pronk might be back.

Don’t believe me?  Just let this picture do all the talking then…and oh yeah, the Indians are in first all by themselves.


Somewhere there are baseballs crapping their pants out of fear... assuming baseballs actually wore pants...

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