The Cavs beat the Heat last night.  Actually, they didn’t just beat the Heat last night… they kicked their asses.

I know yesterday I said I was over all of this, but I knew as I was writing it was a lie.  I knew it was my early morning apathy towards everything that caused my general malaise leading into last night’s game.  The closer it got to game time, the more into it I was.  Not surprisingly, I ended up watching the entire game. 

Miami never led at any point in the game.  The Cavs jumped out to an early lead, fell back, then went on a run in the third quarter to push the lead to 23 points.  Of course the Heat went on a 19-1 run to cut into the lead, but unlike so many times prior to last night, the Cavs didn’t falter.  They weathered the storm and delivered the knock out blows.

The Cavs played incredible last night and it was a stark contrast to the December 2 game in which the Cavs played timid and almost scared of the atmosphere in which they found themselves.  Last night was different.  Alonzo Gee was following up misses with dunks and catching alley oops from Baron Davis.  Anthony Parker was knocking down threes from everywhere on the court.  Ryan Hollins of all people turned in an MVP caliber performance throwing down dunks, blocking Chris Bosh’s shots, getting into an altercation with Dwyane Wade, and even knocking LeBron’s headband off.  Where it came from, I have no idea, but it was amazing.

It was the much needed therapy the city and the team needed.  We got a win over LeBron, scored our first double digit victory of the year, and knocked Miami out of the #2 spot in the Eastern Conference standings.  You’re welcome Boston.

So let’s just all relish in the moment that was last night’s victory.  It was amazing.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then I think this picture sums everything up.  A star embracing the city and the moment as the fans celebrate in jubilation.


2 thoughts on “VICTORY!!!

  1. it sure was a GREAT game. It was great when LeBron tried to park in the Cavs garage without prior permission and was turned AWAY!!!!!!! That house was really rocking last night. Along with all the loyal fans who gave up sleep to watch the game. GO CAVS!!!!

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