Does Anyone Still Care?

So Lord Voldemort returns to the Q tonight and the biggest question still remaining is…

Does anyone still care?

I don’t.  Part of me wants to care that he’s going to be back in Cleveland and back in the arena he used to call home.  But unfortunately because of the way the season has unfolded tonight’s game just doesn’t seem to matter.  The Heat and the three mojitos a really good, well not good against upper tier teams, but against sub .500 teams their record is ridiculous.  Last I checked the Cavs were a few games under .500, unless of course they went on a 45 game win streak in the past two weeks that I hadn’t noticed.

In all honesty, this season has beaten me down.  It’s beaten me down so badly that at this point I don’t have enough energy remaining to muster up any type of vitriol or hate to really get into tonight’s game.  I was thinking about watching it, but then it was voted the NBA TV Tuesday fan night game.  That means it’ll be blacked out online.  So I can’t watch it.  I’m not even mad.  I’m honestly just like, “whatever.”

But losing 26 games in a row and 58 overall will do that to a person.  I know I should care and I know I should still be mad on some level, but it seems like a pointless endeavor.  I don’t even have the heart to really make fun of that team or the situation.  It also doesn’t help that the Cavs rolled over and died on December 2nd.  When you put it all together it just adds up to a whole bunch apathy.  I’m willing to bet I’m not the only one that feels like this too.

So I’m not going to drag this out to some sort of super long 1500 page entry.  I’m going to cut it off here.  I hope the Cavs win and I hope the people who actually do still care and show up to try and make life hell for LeBron behave.  We made it through the first go around with LeBron without incident.  Hopefully the second time will go just as smoothly.

Oh…what the hell… who am I trying to kid here?

LeBron… you’re still an a$$hole.

Maybe the best basketball player on the planet, but an a$$hole none the less…

GO BULLS!  (I feel like it’s 1992 again).


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